The Afghan Music Project

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This is a great piece of music and all proceeds go to a good cause (I got it via iTunes):

The Afghan Music Project (AMP) is a mixed media social venture, seeking to raise awareness of Afghan culture through music. All proceeds from the project will fund Afghan music teachers in Kabul who will teach music to Afghan youth, particularly young women.

There's even a launch party for the album here in SF:

The Afghan Music Project Launch Party
Wednesday, 12/14 10pm-2am
Underground SF in the Lower Haight
1002 Nights DJs Amar and Cheb i Sabbah
$5 cover (goes to the bar/DJs)

Here's a sample of the AMP's song "A Rose Among Ruins":



The Afghan Music Project
Afghan Music Project

A very rough way to judge classroom blog participation...

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In our OSDDDI course, contributing to the class blog is part of each student's participation grade. It's not weighted particularly heavily and is not the centerpiece of the course, but it can make a difference for students on the border between one grade and another.

As well as reading and commenting on student's blog posts throughout the semester to get a feel for how each student contributed, we can also do a bit of quantitative analysis (querying the back-end database) that will save the effort of manually opening up all the archives and looking at various posts to get basic data like how many posts students wrote and how long they were.

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AppleCare Rocks


So, last week my powerbook was dying with some sort of trackpad temperature sensor malfunction. Sent it in on Thursday to AppleCare overnight in a box they sent me overnight the day before. By the end of the day Friday they had replaced the top case and shipped it back... it got here today. So far, no problems. Lesson: if your problem is well-diagnosed, try to have AppleCare send you a box on Monday. You'll have your computer back by Thursday.

I was able to borrow someone's old powerbook and boot off of a cloned external drive. When the computer got back today, I cloned the external back to the powerbook using SuperDuper's SmartUpdate feature (that only copies the differences to result in an exact copy). I lost less productivity this way.

NYT: Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive


A note on citing Wikipedia...

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I encourage citing good Wikipedia articles in student papers (court opinions or legal complaints are another matter)... however, it must be done correctly and conscious of the fact that Wikipedia assertions should be double-checked like with any secondary source.

So, if you want to cite a Wikipedia article in a work of yours, I beg you to read the following page: "Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia". For example, if I want to cite the (soon to be featured) article on "Voting System". I do the following:

  1. Go to the article you wish to cite.

  2. Click on the "Cite this article" link on the left-hand menu bar.

  3. Pick one of the canned citation formats (MLA, ABA, Bluebook, etc.)

  4. Make sure that the URL you cite is not in this form but in this form.

This will ensure that your audience will be able to see the version you saw and what has changed since.

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