Connecticut totally screws up their voting systems procurement

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The State of Connecticut is now claiming that a certain law never existed. I told them about this over a year ago!

Here's the skinny (from "Supposed state requirement for voting machines never existed" ):

After being forced to scrap plans to buy thousands of new high-tech voting machines because no company could meet Connecticut's requirements, state officials revealed Friday that one of those requirements never existed in state law. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said there is nothing in state statutes or regulations that require a voting machine to show a full ballot on the screen.

and ("'Full-face ballot' not required by state" ):

One of the apparent stumbling blocks to Connecticut?s drive to obtain electronic voting machines -- a tradition which shows all offices and candidates on the ballot at once -- turns out not to be a legal requirement at all.

This "law" greatly reduced the number of electronic voting systems vendors that could respond to a recent Request for Proposals (RFP). Only two vendors could respond to the RFP because of this supposed law that demanded that all voting systems display all contests on a ballot on one screen (this is known as a "full-face" DRE).

However, I know that Connecticut knew that this provision didn't exist over a year ago!!! More below the fold:

UPDATE [2006-01-19T11:39:32]: The URL for the December 22, 2004 press relase has been changed to:

The link to the CT statue provision I talk about in the email below is now:

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Question for Mac heads out there...


How would I add an application to a file type's available launch services (the "Open With" menu when you right-click (ctrl-click) a file)? For example, if I want TXT files to list "Microsoft Excel" in the "Open With" menu, how would I do this?

How copyright infringement can get complicated

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This is fascinating ("Digging The Madness of Crowds" by nat at O'Reilly Radar):

Earlier today, O'Reilly found itself at the center of a controversy on the popular news site, Steve Mallett, O'Reilly Network editor and blogger, was very publicly accused, via a Digg story, of stealing Digg's CSS pages. The story was voted up rapidly and made the homepage, acquiring thousands of diggs (thumbs-up) from the Digg community along the way. There was only one problem: Steve didn't steal Digg's CSS pages.

I hope this correction is submitted to Digg and dug.

UPDATE [2006-01-10T11:29:51]: And it has been dug.

"Go Dumb" - J. Valentine (feat. Bailey) - Lyrics


So, if you listen to any Bay Area hip-hop, you'd have noticed a unique song in heavy rotation. This song, "Go Dumb", is largely vocals only and is sung by J. Valentine of City Boyz (with a rap at the end by Champ Bailey). What makes it even better is that it's a Bay Area-flavored parody of another, very crappy and sappy, Clear Channel-sponsored song called "I'm Sprung" by T-Pain.

Anyway, I was unable to find the lyrics to this song, so I'll just jot them down here with links to the Urban Dictionary where appropriate. Also, here's a short sample of the two songs for your listening pleasure... "I'm Sprung" and "Go Dumb".

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Inside Bay Area - Local News

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We may get all-mail voting here in Alameda county (Berkeley and Oakland). From Ian Hoffman ("Registrar keen on idea of all-mail voting for county"):

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