Privacy is for Google what security is for Microsoft

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from Ed ("Google Video and Privacy"):

Privacy is for Google what security is for Microsoft. At some point Microsoft realized that a chain of security disasters was one of the few things that could knock the company off its perch. And so Bill Gates famously declared security to be job one, thousands of developers were retrained, and Microsoft tried to change its culture to take security more seriously.

It's high time for Google to figure out that it is one or two privacy disasters away from becoming just another Internet company. The time is now for Google to become a privacy leader. Fixing the privacy issues in its video DRM would be a small step toward that goal.

Ever been frustrated with a locked cell phone?

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If you have a particularly good story about frustrations dealing with a locked cell phone, consider helping folks at Stanford Law file for a DMCA exemption for unlocking cell phones:

The Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society is collecting stories about problems with locked cell phones to support our request to the Copyright Office for an exemption to the DMCA anti-circumvention provisions for cell phone unlocking. The original comments filed are here ( These will be for the reply comments. If you have a good story, know someone who does, or are aware of a community of people who might be interested, please send the link to them.

(above from Lessig)

AdSense on NQB2


So, astute readers have noticed that I've started to include Google AdSense ads at the bottom of each post. However, even with the recent metafilter hit, I've had no one click on the ads.

Do people click on Google ads? (Obviously, a few people will click on my ads due to this post... but the other option, not talking about it, was silly.) Maybe AdSense should learn fro the non-clicks and start showing silly stuff?! Anyway, I know some people do make a little money off of AdSense... they must either get tons of traffic or have really capture-able users.

Funny thing: I've now started clicking on Google ads just to see who buys them.

Gore Speech (or CSPAN streaming video bites)

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Al Gore supposedly gave a great speech today... in case you're fed up with CSPAN's uber-crappy streaming service, here's a link to an mp3 (and smaller mp4) that I cleaned up (original mp4 from "Al Gore Speech Audio Podcast" at Irregular Times): (40.0MB) (9.7MB)

Many thanks go out to Scot Hacker and his Birdhouse Hosting team for being such a kick-ass hosting company. This will allow me to host these files until next month! Did you know UC Berkeley SIMS students and J-School students get a particularly sweet deal of 20% off?

UPDATE [2006-01-16T21:11:19]: Well, it looks like metafilter has just about drained my bandwidth. It would be great if someone made a torrent of the mp3/mp4... if you do, let me know and I'll post it here.
UPDATE [2006-01-16T23:28:58] My hosting service (Birdhouse Hosting) has generously given the bandwidth to continue to host this.

GPLv3 Draft 1 out

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Just received in an email:

The new draft and web resources are available at We welcome your comments on the wording of the new version at

I'll include the draft text below. One of the things I was hoping is compatibility with the Affero GPL which has a special clause for web services. It is unclear whether this is dealt with in the new 5(c) or what. We'll see.

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