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So I look up Vallejo rapper Mac Dre on Last.FM and see that they have an image of a different rapper, BavGate, instead of an image of him:

image of Last.FM's Mac Dre page with an image of BavGate instead of Dre

That made me realize just how few people in the bay area must use Web 2.0 services like Last.FM. The primary listeners of this kind of music are likely inner-city youth... how culturally segregated is Web 2.0, anyway?

Feeling weird about Google

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So Google is trying its best to get all GMail users to also use the integrated Google Talk IM service. I made very sure that I don't use it as the last thing I want to loose control over is IM logs. However, last night I logged into GMail and saw this:

Notice that the default is to "save chat history" which I equate to "allow Google to mine your chat logs and hand them over to anyone with a subpoena without telling you".

That's not evil? I suppose it's just a disingenuous business practice.

Wonderful V-Day

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Michelle and I went to Cafe de la Paz last night to see a very good flamenco show and eat a prix fixe meal (I had duck, she had salmon). It was a really neat experience and the food was good and refressing. We also drank a bottle of 2003 Ochoa Blanco (a mix of a bunch of Spanish vintage grapes) which was good and ended up being on the house after they forgot to serve it until halfway into our meal. Great day.

Problems in giving blood

wtf?, chilling effects
  1. Never give blood during a fraternity/sorority-sponsored blood drive. You'll wait for hours.
  2. Never let someone who's only drawn blood a few times do it to you (ask, "How many times have you done this?"). Otherwise:
picture of joe's arm after damage from giving blood

Tales from the Long Tail (vol. 2)



This is the second installment of Tales from the Long Tail, my podcast where I (try to) highlight good, obscure music. In this podcast, I play some very good bay-area rap from Mac Dre, Mistah F.A.B., The Team and The Crest Creepaz. I end with a clip from Houston-based Mike Jones. Read on for a list of samples...

Note: The audio contains language that may offend you.

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