Problems with FireWire drives showing up on a Mac?

hacks, wtf?

Macs and external FireWire hard drives can be strange. Sometimes the drive just doesn't show up.

Here's a trick I found after some googling: If your FireWire drive and its partitions are not showing up, disconnect the firewire cable, turn the drive off (or unplug it), plug the firewire cable back in and turn the drive back on. I have no idea why this works but it does (and you might want to try this using each of the drive's FireWire ports if it has more than one).

Citations needed in Wikipedia?

policy, education

Man, I hate reverting edits in Wikipedia from people that mean well but add a bunch of unsubstantiated crap.

Thankfully, instead of simply reverting edits, I can add the following tag everywhere I think a statement needs a citation:


This will add a "citation needed" flag at that point of the document in superscript.

An Unarmed iSchool Alum Speaks

SIMS, berkeley, friends, policy, education, iSchool

Dave Schlossberg (now at IODA) has this piece, "The State of the iSchool: A response from an unarmed alum", over at his rant-space, the meat. I'll post some comments after reading it at lunch... more later.

Later: So, Dave's words aren't meant to be minced. It's truly tough love from a very smart former student who is trying to apply what he learned in the real world (and damn if IODA isn't a really good idea that he's struggling to make even better). Here are some rambles from me:

Full story »

DJ Mark Marcelo presents The Ignant Mix

music, friends, iSchool

From Ryan... DJ Mark Marcelo presents The Ignant Mix. All the Hyphy you can handle and then some...

Tying ties...

recipe, photos, family, usability, education

Here's a quick refresher course from my Dad on tying ties. (Note: these illustrations are drawn as if you're looking in the mirror... so the left side of each illustration should be your left in the mirror.)

thumbnail of graphic on how to tie a windsor knot

Windsor Knot

thumbnail of graphic on how to tie a half-windsor knot

Half-Windsor Knot

thumbnail of graphic on how to tie a four-in-hand knot

Four-in-Hand Knot

thumbnail of graphic on how to tie a bow tie

Bow Tie

Eventhough there's a sentiment in popular US culture that laments the giving and receiving of ties as gifts, I'm not sure anyone can ever have enough.

I'm not sure where these graphics came from originally, so let me know if I'm violating your rights.
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