'Tis the season, yo

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UC Berkeley iSchool Jack O' Lanterns

Make old extensions work with FireFox 2.0... (without manual editing)

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FireFox 2.0 is out and works pretty neat.

One tip: Make most of your old extensions compatible with the 2.0 version by get the Nightly Tester Tools extension so that you can go to Tools -> AddOns and then click on "Make all compatible". This will set the extensions to be compatible with 2.0 when you restart FireFox.

Danah on prop. 83

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A must read piece on why you (if you're a CA voter) should vote NO on Prop. 83 from danah boyd, "Prop 83: Sex Offenders is not what it seems. SAY NO!".



Wikipedia: "Tech Law Prof"

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This is a curious little wikipdedia page: Tech Law Prof. Comments?

(Comments are open for a bit on this one)
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