MN Post Election Audit Summit (day 2)

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(I've reopened comments on this post for a few days. BTW, this is post 999!)

Debra Bowen Keynote via DVD Today, I'm continuing my liveblogging of the Post Election Audit Summit in Minneapolis, MN. Debra Bowen (California Secretary of State) gave this morning's keynote (picture at right). More below the fold...

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MN Post Election Audit Summit

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I've reopened comments for a few days on this post.

Red, White and Blue "Yay Audits!" and "Audits Rock!" M&M's I'm here at the Post Election Audit Summit in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are about 100 election officials, technical types and advocates in the same room talking about the very difficult subject of auditing elections -- essentially "checking the work" of elections systems, people and processes. I'll keep running notes below the jump... We've already heard from Deforest B. Soaries (the first chair of the EAC) and Mark Ritchie (Minnesota Secretary of State) and our final keynote tomorrow will be given by Debra Bowen (California Secretary of State).

I'm keeping a flickr photoset of the summit; click the image at right to see more (yes those are M&M's with "Yay Audits!" and "Audits Rock!" on them).

(PS: Don't forget to check out my notes on Day 2 of the Summit.)

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Weird package shenanigans

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Someone sent me eight of these... Weird.

I came home today to find a huge package at my door. From Land's End. I wasn't surprised to see a package; I had ordered 4 charcoal grey t-shirts with a pocket, reprazent. But this damn package was huge (like 3'x3'x3'). I open it up and my shirts are there... but so are eight female jackets (picture at right).

Made by some mystery clothier named "LAST KISS"; 4 pink, 4 red and in S, M, L and XL. And, god, they're ugggggggly. I called Land's End and they say they didn't send them... maybe it's a mix up with UPS and a box or two broke? No clue.

It's too bad my package didn't hit another package that had better taste than this one... I suppose it's a matter of shear probability. How many people ship 8 Versace or Dolce coats? Sigh.

For Igor...

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To the motorcyclist that pushed Igor off his bicycle this weekend: Fuck you and I hope you get pushed off your bike, bitch!

There's a special type of bad karma/hell for people that fuck with bicylcists (and I'm not talking about the critical mass idiots). Igor broke his clavicle, scapula and separated his shoulder... all because pushing over a bicyclist was some dumbass' idea of a joke.

Get well, Igor, you're in our thoughts!

Eric Wilde has a great post on the same here: "Bike Accident on Skyline Boulevard".

random stuff

  • I'll be updating some links with respect to Carl Malamud's talk last week... Carl has mixed in audio from the 31 videos he showed during the talk so that you can at least experience higher-fidelity audio associated with the presentation. A video of his slides with the audio will be available soon as well.

  • Prodigy (formerly of Mobb Deep) is going up for 3 1/2 years on a weapons charge after making an illegal u-turn in manhattan. Sigh... his last album was really good.

  • Saw two movies recently Bling and The Darjeeling Limited. Bling was a documentary where Raekwon, Paul Wall and Tego Calderon went to Sierra Leone with Ismael Beah to see how the diamond trade affects Sierra Leonians. In the end, Bling was more about the state of poverty that Sierra Leonians live in, and only 60-75% about the unique issues influenced by diamond mining. Interesting nonetheless... especially one part where they struggle to get Raekwon off the bus when they go visit an school for war-wounded and amputees.

    The Darjeeling Limited is another gorgeous Wes Anderson movie. (I really like Wes Anderson; in my opinion, The Life Aquatic has to be, hands-down, one of the funnest and most rich visual experiences I've ever seen.) It was somewhat more reserved compared with Life Aquatic and the Royal Tennenbaums; it seemed as if they were trying for a less-indulgent and more poignant movie. Indeed, I'd probably need to see it a couple more times to truly appreciate the depth of the movie. In the end, Darjeeling is a lot of fun and Amara Karan's debut was refreshing and pretty cute.

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