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Two kids using an XO laptop... one holding the laptop, kneeling and the other balancing his chin on the keyboard area Due to a recent gift for having lived 30 years now, I'm super-excited to be getting an XO laptop (OLPC XO-1) through the One Laptop Per Child's "Give one, get one" (G1G1) program.

Who knew that being geekily philanthropic could be so much fun?! I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of us out there with them... I can wait to start messing with it.

And geeks of the world, don't fret: Apparently, there are ways to get one if you don't live in the US or Canada... and G1G1 only lasts for two weeks!

My Sister, the Hero


My sis, Tracie, is the Training Director for the King County Search and Rescue Association, a volunteer corps of rescue experts in Seattle. She's quoted and featured extensively in an article penned by a rescuee in the Washington Trails Associate Magazine. She's great. (My little bro is damn magnificent too... but I'll have to find another time to write about that.)

Michele Coad, "The Kindness of Strangers: How generous hikers and search and rescue volunteers rescued me," Washington Trails Association Magazine, November 1, 2007, http://www.wta.org/~wta/magazine/1248.pdf (accessed November 7, 2007).

Craig Newmark podcast

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Craig Newmark (the "Craig" in craigslist) gave a talk here at the School of Information today on "What can the Social Entrepreneurship and ICT for Development field learn from Craigslist?". You can find the audio of Craig's talk here.

Quick note on comment "policy"


I tend to allow comments on post for a limited amount of time and then close them. When a post gets a bit out of hand (in my estimation), I may close comments out. This doesn't mean you can't still comment... just have to send me an email with the comment (actually, since I've started comment moderation, I have much more control over comments... so you don't have to email me). If I deem the comment substantive and interesting, I'll post it. I'll even post critical comments, etc. (ones that I might not agree with). I certainly won't stand for certain types of behavior such as spamming, personal attacks, etc.

Since I've gotten a bit of email sent to me about closing the MN summit posts' comments so quickly, I'll open them up for a few days. Would love to hear your feedback.

In case you didn't catch on, this is my blog and I'll do what I want. Deal.

Ubuntu is freakin' awesome

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Never be afraid of Linux again.

I just installed Ubuntu 7.10 on a Dell notebook and it is an amazing user experience. While I had to ask an officemate a couple questions about Windows recently, I didn't have to ask anyone anything about Ubuntu. It's amazing... and fully capable out of the box. We'll see about stability, but I have high hopes.

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