NASED Qualified Voting Systems

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Thanks to Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation, we now have an up-to-date list (SXC, XLS) of NASED Qualified Voting Systems. If you're not sure what that means, check out this quick primer of the process involved with certifying a voting system to the FEC's 2002 VSS guidelines.

Note: I've also taken the liberty of distilling the original FEC's 2002 VSS standards from DOC format to PDF format. I can't believe a standards-setting body would publish the final form of a set of standards in a proprietary, non-open format.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that only Avante has a system that is fully certified to the 2002 standards!

Joe moves to b2evo!


Well, after seeing Brian Carver rave about this php/MySQL GPL'd blog tool b2evolution, I had to try it out... and it is so damn cool that I think I'll have to break down and purchase a domain name for this puppy. Too bad my old blog had a Berkeley DB corruption that virtually lobotomized it... Oh well, here's to new directions.

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