Gates Rubber v. Bando - Abstraction-Filtration-Comparison

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Hopefully, it won't come to this but SCO has like 30 lawyers... I've always wanted to know more about abstract- filtration- comparison tests.

SCO cited the case, Gates Rubber v. Bando, in its Reply Memorandum re Discovery, (footnote 7 on page 20) and they are relying on it for their rungs of the ladder concept/music riffs-novel analogy, regarding structure, sequence and organization being copyrightable, so I thought it would make sense to add it to our permanent collection. Non-literal copying is the main issue, judging from their Reply Memorandum. Here's more information on abstraction-filtration-comparison, and here is a bit more. Note the table of contents in the first link for more copyright topics. Also on our Legal Links page, you'll find more on Copyright Law and some of the cases referred to here, including an article on the Lotus case. You'll find more cases on BitLaw's "Important Copyright Decisions" page.

RSS mercenaries scrape sites for cheap... RSS of Drudge Report



I love RSS. I love RSS so much that it's starting to become a pain in the ass when a site doesn't provide me with an RSS feed. For example, Dave Farber's Interesting People mailing list and the Drudge Report.

Well, thanks to Carlo and his site-scraping-for-2-euros service, I've now got what I've always wanted:

RSS Feed of Dave Farber's Interesting People Mailing List RSS Feed of Matt Drudge's Drudge Report RSS Feed of Pam Samuelson's Papers Page

UPDATE [2004-07-16 09:51:12]: As Ernie points out, scrapers will likely be implicated under the INDUCE/IICA Act... well, it's a good thing that Carlo is in Germany and that it would take a while to "harmonize" our laws with those of the EU on this point! I guess the rest of us could get off our asses and actually oppose the INDUCE/IICA Act!!!

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The FEC 1990 Voting Systems Standards in PDF

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Well folks, thanks again to Kim for the electronic version of the FEC's 1990 Voting System Standards. Previous to this, I had understood that this only existed in paper form and that they would have to be scanned in for wide Internet-based distribution. To boot, scanning would ruin their searchability. Kim delivered a bunch of DOC files of the 1990 standards and I distilled them into one 448 kB PDF file for your enjoyment:

Conflicts of Interest between disability and election vendor communities

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This is from an editorial in the New York Times from 11 June 2004 entitled, "The Disability Lobby and Voting". I had been discussing with a colleague why we couldn't bridge the gap between the verified voting and disability rights communities... well, this definitely complicates that.

The National Federation of the Blind, for instance, has been championing controversial voting machines that do not provide a paper trail. It has attested not only to the machines' accessibility, but also to their security and accuracy -- neither of which is within the federation's areas of expertise. What's even more troubling is that the group has accepted a $1 million gift for a new training institute from Diebold, the machines' manufacturer, which put the testimonial on its Web site. The federation stands by its ''complete confidence'' in Diebold even though several recent studies have raised serious doubts about the company, and California has banned more than 14,000 Diebold machines from being used this November because of doubts about their reliability.


Some supporters of voter-verifiable paper trails question whether disability-rights groups have gotten too close to voting machine manufacturers. Besides the donation by Diebold to the National Federation of the Blind, there have been other gifts. According to Mr. Dickson, the American Association of People with Disabilities has received $26,000 from voting machine companies this year.

Update [2004-07-14 06:54:31]: In a post to a voting list, Amanda Lang (via Jody Holder) pointed out that this year's Fall conference by the Election Center will be heavily bankrolled by election systems vendors. Take a look at this schedule of events (DOC) and note the sponsors. Diebold, Sequoia and ES&S are all sponsoring their own events for elections officials from monuments-by-night tours to cruises on the Potomac. (I've saved copies of these documents so that, if they change, I'll have the originals)

Ode to a new blog


My old blog recently died. It was a long, drawn-out and breathless death... not a pretty thing to witness for someone so intimately involved with it. It was a Moveable Type blog... and the folks at MT decided that it would be wise to use Perl's DB_FILE module. What this means is that if your system administrator upgrades Perl, you'll have to upgrade your blog's databases quickly.

In my case, and the case of others at SIMS, the result was a Berkeley DB corruption (MT users, export you blog's databases, right now... store in a safe place). So, my options were to start a new blog (you are here now), or to erase the old one or move it breaking all "permalinks". I decided to start a new blog... my blog is mostly for myself and for other bloggers I know.

I also made the important decision to move from a proprietary blogging tool with quite restrictive licensing terms to b2evolution, which, as you can see and as I can attest to, kicks serious ass. b2evo (for short) is all php and MySQL... which makes it scream. As well, the developers of b2evo license under the GPL (yay!) and seem to incorporate a lot of things that are luxuries of sorts in open source development, as a friend put it recently:

Seems too good to be true. It's hard to believe this guy is real, I mean, programming with the Rational Unified Process? Using real use cases, developing a wiki for collaborative documentation. It's like this guy actually cares about the software that he writes and wants it to grow.

Here's to new horizons. (Note: hopefully I'll be able to take this from to simply

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