SB 1376 passes CA legislature

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SB 1376 has now passed both the CA senate and assembly

This allows:

  • the SoS, AG and any local election official to bring civil action against any legal entity for a variety of things: tampering, comprimising secrecy, planting code, installing uncertified software and failing to inform the SoS of changes made to hardware, software and firmware.
  • relatively wide (at least wider than before) access to escrowed software.
  • no use or purchasing of a system that has not been approved by the SoS.
  • a $10k per-violiated-machine fine, immediate decertification proceedings, prohibition on election-related business for 1-3 years and refund of all procurement funds.
  • SoS can seek injunctive relief against other election officials and vendors to comply with the Election Code.

This is a substantial empowerment of the office of the Secretary of State with respect to election administration

Secondary Chilling Effects: Cryptome Chilled by the FBI

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The Associated Press report yesterday by Tom Hays quoted Cryptome on the "chilling" effect of the FBI visit in November 2003. What we should have made clear was not that Cryptome was chilled but that telling about the visit chilled others from having dealings with Cryptome. It's that secondary chilling which probably accounts for why many people do not reveal being approached by authorities.

After we reported the FBI visit several persons who were corresponding with Cryptome broke off contact, expressing fear that the FBI had approached Cryptome in order to learn about them. Our assurance that the FBI asked about nobody but Cryptome was not soothing.

What we see here is a secondary chilling effect that inhibits the free flow of border-line information and also causes more activists to not report visits by the authorities. That is, the original posters have not been chilled due to their stoic composition in the face of government pressure. However, now people dealing with cryptome have cut off contact.

I can imagine this secondary chill is even worse in the realm of chilling effects than the more traditional chilling effect... one is a restriction on speech, the other is a restriction on others speaking to you.

The Alberto no. 1

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This drink is much, much more than a mojito... it's an Alberto no. 1. Invented by Adalberto Alonso, the Cuban bartender at New York's La Caravelle, this is the type of drink of which you should only have one.


(adapted from Rick Marin's (New York Times) adaptation from Adalberto Alonso of La Caravelle)

Juice of a lime
2 ounces vodka, very chilled
5-8 mint leaves, washed and crushed in your hand
1.5 tsp. plus a dash, sugar
dry champagne
mint sprig

I usually make this drink in batches of two... so I multiply the amounts above by two (note: for two drinks, that's 3 tsp. sugar... I usually add 1/4 tsp. more).

In a metal or glass mixer, combine lime juice, vodka, crushed mint, sugar and two ice cubes (for two drinks). Shake hard for a good 15 seconds or until you feel the shaker suddently turn markedly colder. Pour equal amounts from the shaker in an empty tall, stemmed glass (like a margarita glass or just a red wine glass). Fill the rest of the way with champagne. Use mint sprig to stir very briefly and leave in for garnish.

PJ Harvey is coming... and we're going... nyah nyah



News of a whirlwind tour of the West Coast of America has just been confirmed. Harvey, who's close to completing a three month Festival tour of Europe, Australia & Japan will hit the West Coast for a quick run of intimate dates.
The shows, which take place in August, are tipped to be ahead of her anticipated return for an extensive headline tour in the Fall.

PJ Harvey is coming for a few small club dates!!! And tickets had to go on sale when we were on vacation! Well, that won't stop us!!! We'll go anywhere to see her... and this time, it looks like... Santa Cruz:

The Olympics totally suck


In addition to Cory noting the unprecedented brand whoring of the Olympics this year... Arthur pointed out that there is extensive media whoring as well. And no one's immune! Not even my local NPR station (KALW) which put this notice up:

PLEASE NOTE: KALW regrets to inform our online listeners that all BBC programming and CBC's "As it Happens" will be suspended during the Athens Olympic Games (August 13-29th) due to internet streaming restrictions imposed by the International Olympic Committee. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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