Shelley controversy deepens



New information released by Secretary of State Kevin Shelley's office Tuesday shows that consultants paid with federal election funds served as his staff at Democratic political events, including a Sacramento lunch that raised money for presidential candidate John Kerry and a fund-raiser for Assembly Democrats.

This is really too bad. Shelley was doing such a good job as a regulator and SoS. It's unfortunate that HAVA funds were mixed up in partisan fund-raising. I really don't see a way out of this for Shelley. I hope he does...

Terrorist Spam?


I just got the weirdest piece of terrorist spam... it's so weird that it must be a joke... click "more" to see some excerpts...

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More underutilized parts of the DMCA... 512(f)

copyright, chilling effects


Here in the states we're waiting for a ruling to come down that may provide additional protection for those inappropriately targeted by infringement claims: the decision in OPG v. Diebold. As Wendy notes in a recent OJR article, there's a seldom-used section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) aimed at stopping misuse: 512(f), which provides that anyone who knowingly misrepresents material as infringing "shall be liable for any damages, including costs and attorneys' fees, incurred by the alleged infringer."

Diggity Donna always comes through with the best... I didn't even remember that this part of the DMCA existed. I knew that the 1201(c)(1) part was-underutilized, but this is just great. I don't think the EFF argued for 512(f) in the OPG proceedings, right? Do we just hope that the ruling will come down cast in this light, or does the coolest-of-cool, Wendy (although I use that for any EFF staff or board member), know something we don't?

Legal Affairs - Kerry's Even Keel

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If you are thinking of voting for Bush, please read the article linked above and excerpted below...

IN 2000, MANY OF US THOUGHT THAT THE OUTCOME of the election would determine the composition of the Supreme Court. It turned out to be the other way around. The court decided the election, and President Bush has had no chance to affect the court. Whoever is elected in 2004, though, can confidently expect to make three or even four Supreme Court appointments in his first term.

It would be much better, for the law and for the country, if John Kerry, and not George W. Bush, made those appointments. The reason lies in a dynamic that has shaped the two parties' attitudes toward the courts for a generation, and which has been responsible for the intense unpleasantness that has come to dominate the appointments process for the federal judiciary. The Republicans have an agenda for the federal courts, including the Supreme Court. The Democrats do not.

The Cover of This Week's Economist (20 Sep 2004)

elections, reform, news

I thought some of you might enjoy the cover illustration from the most recent Economist.

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