Internet Withdrawl and Information Ubiquity



Judd says:

The fascinating thing is that the existence of the internet and the information it provides has changed what it means to be "plugged in." Always on, everywhere, all the time behvaior has created an environment where the minimum threshold of connectivity has been raised to an obscene level! When you're used to having all that power at your fingertips, I guess it's very hard to go without.

I've started to purposefully not use my computer except at work or when necessary for a specific goal. It's difficult, though... it's gotten to the point where I don't even want to pick up a dictionary. Not necessarily because it takes a ton of time to find the word I want but mostly because I can check a few dictionaries (including the OED) and copy and paste the definition if I need to.

SIMS and our type is definitely an outlying case of information consumption. But when you can have google et al. on your cell phone anywhere in the world... the world becomes a different place. Although, I think the jury is still out on whether or not the average user can really make use of the resources available to them!

Voting Machines by County in the United States...

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So I did some googling / sleuthing / lexising and tried to use the EDS' voting technology map to figure out what most of the DREs used in counties in the US are... here's a start... if anyone sees anything obviously wrong or has additional information, please let me know. If you don't know much about DRE voting machines and the different types, stay tuned to the EFF's E-voting Archive where they'll be publishing quick reference guides on all of them.

Below, find voting equipment links by county, cribbing off of EDS' voting equipment map (on page 7). I tried to find what DRE and what county corresponds to the purple color on the map (coded as Electronic). If the state elections official had a decent list of voting equipment, I generally stopped looking there.

(in Alpha order)

Alabama - Baldwin Co. uses Diebold TS

Arizona - The automark will be tested there... one county uses DREs... not sure if Diebold or Sequoia.

Arkansas - Can't find anything on Arkansas even though the EDS map lists a few counties as being DREs.

California (we know this mostly, right? :) ):

Colorado - a few DREs (Hart, Sequoia, Diebold, ESS), more O/S

Delaware - all 1242s

Florida - ES&S, Diebold, and Sequoia... (iVotronic counties: Broward, Collier, Lee, Miami-Dade, Charlotte, Lake, Martin, Nassau, Pasco, Sarasota, Sumter. Sequoia AVC Edge counties: Indian River, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, Pinellas.)

Georgia - All diebold TS machines

Hawaii - uses the Hart Intercivic

Indiana - Lots of ES&S, Microvote MV-464s...

Iowa - lots of O/S, MV-464s...

Kansas - MicroVote MV-464 is used in Sedgwick County, KS
Johnson County, KS uses Diebold TS machines (and OS)

Kentucky - lots of 1242s, some MV-464s

Louisiana - some "AVC" (not sure if Edge or Advantage) some ivotronics.

Maryland - mostly TSs, Baltimore county uses AVC Advantages

Michigan - Mecosta uses the MV-464
Allen township and Tecumseh city uses an older Unilect machine

Mississippi - Hinds county, MS uses Hart eSlate (there's two other counties with DREs but I could pinpoint the counties or DREs)

Nevada will be AVC Edge machines everywhere but Clark county which will have one VVPAT-enabled Edge per precinct and the rest Advantages.

New Jersey - mostly Sequoia AVC Advantages

New Mexico - Contacted Charlie Strauss... he will fax a soon-to-be-outdated list of voting equipment in NM. They use Sequoia AVC Edges, Some 1242s, and some iVotronics.

New York - seems to be all O/S and New York City is either lever (if you believe the first link) or Sequoia AVC Advantage (if you believe the second):

North Carolina - tons of different O/S and DREs used

Ohio - it's a mess, I'll ask Dan Tokaji ...

Pennsylvannia - (Mercer, beaver and Greene counties use Unilect. Potter and Montgomery use Sequoia AVC Edge. Dauphin, Berks and Philidelphia counties use 1242s.)|

South Carolina - statewide purchase of iVotronics

Tennessee - lots of different things... DREs... O/S...

Virginia - All sorts of O/S and DREs

Wyoming - a couple DREs... (1242, Diebold)

How the Supreme Court Could End Up Deciding the Election Again

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Well, the supreme court could end up deciding this election again... which is why it should have been Dean for the Dems all along. Kerry is a flacid politician.

Fortunately, a poll has just come out on [Colorado's electoral vote-splitting] referendum and currently it looks like it might just pass. If Bush is 1% ahead in Colorado, he would get 5 votes in the electoral college and Kerry would get 4, changing the score to Kerry 269, Bush 269. If West Virginia Bush elector Richie Robb votes for a Republican other than Bush, as he has threatened, then the score becomes Kerry 269, Bush 268. In both cases the election is decided by the new House with each state getting one vote. In all scenarios, the Republicans will control the majority of delegations in the new House, so the House will elect Bush. Depending on who controls the Senate, Cheney or Edwards becomes vice president. Could go either way. If the Democrats hang onto the Louisiana Senate seat, as they have for over 100 years. there is a good chance the Senate will be split 50-50. In that case, Cheney gets to cast the deciding vote.

But wait, suppose Kerry picks up 1% in Colorado and he gets 5 of Colorado's votes in the electoral college and Bush gets 4. Then the score becomes Kerry 270, Bush 268 and Kerry becomes president. Unless the Republicans go to the Supreme Court and ask the Court to invalidate the Colorado referendum. If the court upholds the referendum, Kerry wins; if the court invalidates it, Bush wins. Thus if the vote on election day reflects today's map except Kerry wins Maryland easily and squeaks through in Colorado, the Supreme Court gets to decide another election. It could happen.

Ahnold signs Internet piracy bill; E-mail address required to share movies, music online

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California file sharers who trade songs or films without providing an e- mail address will be guilty of a misdemeanor, under the first-in-the-nation measure that could make it easier for law enforcement to track down people who illegally download copyrighted material.

Judd in the Blogosphere...



Everyone welcome Judd to the blogosphere!

Well, the is my first post on my very own blog. I fully realize that nobody will ever read it, but it%u2019s nice to have a blog so I feel up to date with all the other geeks at SIMS.

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