TechnoTaste: Coming Back Around to [Sociure]

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Judd is a bad-ass:

But I have come back around finally, after a period of being overwhelmed, to the reason I came to SIMS in the first place: a belief that the tools and perspectives of anthropology are useful and needed. In the face of all the new technologies and exciting applications today it's easy to forget that behavior drives technology. If culture drives behavior, at least to some degree, then it ought to be essential, not only to the way we understand the uses and contexts of technology, but to its design.

I really like the perspective that Judd brings to SIMS... especially as a check to the more established perspectives already here.

GMail drafts...

gmail screenshots close-up

GMail has the ability to save drafts... although they're going to need a "justification" feature like PINE's Ctrl-J which re-justifies a paragraph.

OH LWV lawsuit

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Ohio League of Women Voters Lawsuit

A coalition of citizen and labor groups filed suit this morning in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio (League of Women Voters of Ohio v. Blackwell, Case No. 3:04CV7622). The lawsuit challenges Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell's directives requiring (1) that voters only be issued a provisional ballot if they appear at the correct precinct, and (2) that the provisional ballots of those subject to the ID requirement only be counted, if they provide ID or other proof of address by the end of the voting day. As discussed here, the Ohio Democratic Party previously filed a lawsuit on the first issue, although the League's complaint appears to rely more heavily on the Ohio Constitution's eligibility rules than does the Dems'

bIPlog: Mt. St. Helens VolcanoCam Images: Terms of Use

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Brian at bIPlog says:

The US Forest Service operates a Mt. St. Helens VolcanoCam.

Their terms of use regarding the images are probably well-intentioned, but are an interesting example of a misunderstanding of both copyright law and the internet.

USPTO Patent Number Search Bar for Mozilla Browswers



Here's a Search Bar for the USPTO Patent Database...

patent search bar screenshot

To install it, read the README file. Oh yeah, the patent above is a good one... 5,762,968.

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