Quilter on the Mary Cheney BS...

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Link: http://lquilter.net/blog/archives/2004/10/18/having-a-gay-daughter-is-a-blow

Laura Quilter (Boalt fellow) disects the claim that the Mary Cheney reference was a "low blow".

This is bullshit, a fake issue.

Read at its absolutely most significant, it affects the following small populations of people: (a) people who would vote against Bush because Cheney has a gay daughter (implicitly: they hate gay people and think Mary Cheney's participation in the campaign and/or her family's non-disavowal of her smacks of closet tolerance) AND they didn't know already; (b) people who would vote against Bush because they suddenly have realized the Bush administration is hypocritical regarding gay rights, AND they didn't know about Mary Cheney's sexuality, AND they didn't know the administration is hypocritical; (c) people who would vote against Kerry because they think that homosexuality is wrong or embarrassing AND they think that Kerry did it with bad intentions AND they think that's so serious it outweighs other factors.

Judd on Jon Stewart on Crossfire

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Link: http://dream.sims.berkeley.edu/~jantin/wordpress/index.php?p=17

Judd questions the praise given to Jon Stewart lately for his appearance on Crossfire (also check out this debriefing (MOV) on the Daily Show and some of the Crossfire response):

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Politics for the Illiterate


Picked up a new t-shirt on Telegraph Ave. the other day (from disarmbushtshirts.com)... best $10 I've ever spent:

Back to B.K.S Iyengar

image of B.K.S. Iyengar

The image above is of B.K.S. Iyengar in full lotus and namasté.

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Nothin' Like a Master


So, I went to pick up my M.A. in astrophysics the other day... like Scott, I found it had Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature on it:

close up of my MA

Funny, notice I took this shot during one of Cheney's two-minute diatribes in the vice-presidential debate.

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