Election Verification Project Press Conference Thursday

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Link: http://www.calvoter.org/news/releases/111604release.html

There will be an important press conference on Thursday...

A national coalition of voting rights and computer security experts will hold a post-election press conference to provide a preliminary analysis of electronic voting problems and solutions, and their implications for increasing voters' confidence in the legitimacy of elections.

Join the club...

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Brian just got himself slashdotted...

North Carolina is a mess...


Link: http://newsobserver.com/news/story/1833762p-8149460c.html

"We've had machine problems," Bartlett said. "We've never had one of this magnitude. We've never had an election where a machine malfunction caused a new election."

Getting older...


I didn't have time to post this until now... I recently got a lot older.

{Berkeley, Blur} Photos

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Yuri's amazing pictures of Millenium Park in Chicago have prompted me to begin posting more photos. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of space so I'm going to post small pictures... here's a few cool ones from my last week:

Blur Shots

I've been taking a lot of shots in moving vehicles at night... by taking a shot and moving the camera at the same time, you get some interesting shots.

stylized image of the interior of a crowded AC Transit buss

This is a composite of two images taken very close in time...

A very cool blur shot where I try to track the subject of the shot while moving

A tracking blur shot, where I try to track an object while the bus I'm in is moving.

moving image of a neon sign

This one was cool... long shutter time with a smooth twist of the wrist.

a picture of christmas lights taken from a moving bus

Moving Christmas lights.

Berkeley Shots

a picture of a number of Diebold AccuVote-TS results tapes taped to a pane of glass and two kids looking at the photographer through the glass

This is a forrest of Diebold AccuVote-TS results tapes printed out after election day at the YWCA near UC Berkeley... and two children looking through the glass at me.

SIMS professor Paul Duguid

SIMS prof. Paul Duguid during my Quality of Information class.

Stanford linguistics professor Geoff Nunberg

Stanford linguistics prof. Geoff Nunberg during my QofI class.

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