Removing Spaces from Filenames

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Here's a great little script, written in bash, for removing spaces from filenames... it replaces them with an underscore. (I can't remember where I found this, but it's useful):

for oldName in "$@" ; do
    newName=`echo ${oldName} | sed "s/ /_/g"`
    if [ "${oldName}" != $newName ] ; then
        mv "${oldName}" $newName

Note: Put it somewhere central (like /usr/local/bin/), make it executible (chmod +x) and add an alias in your .tcshrc or .csrhc or whatever.

The New Marketing; More Stencil Graffiti

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a piece of paper taped to a signpost in Berkeley, CA in 2004 that says, 84 free mp3s 84 songs I wrote www dot berkeleycomposer dot com

...A vision from the new marketing. There's only one thing that an artist cannot do completely for themselves these days: marketing (recording, mixing, producing, manufacturing, and distribution can all be handled at some degree of sophistication). Well, necessity is the mother of invention, where there's a will, there's a way and all that jazz... check it out:

And here's some stencils I saw recently... (For more entries of mine (some on my old blog) on the subject: stencilism, my stencils (1, 2), ones I've seen around (1, 2, 3, 4))

a stencil of a guy with the word save coming out of his mouth

This one is pretty neat...

an anti-bush stencil

...Not very creative, but gets its message across effectively.

R.I.P. - Chris Wrobel, Freaz Dried Rabbi



You might ask me what makes me an expert on breakfast cereals.

Five years ago today, a good friend of Michelle's, Chris Wrobel, died of an accidental death.

cover of Freaz Dried Rabbi s/t album from 1992 Besides the intense personal connection, Chris' death, at 24 years old, was particularly sad for two other reasons: he was a victim of how bad "the system" can really be and he had an intense creative flair that was forever lost.

Chris had a herion habit and, as I'm sure you've heard, that's a hard horse to shake. Chris weaved in and out of jail; there was a traffic stop in Chicago where a dirty cop planted drugs in his vehicle and a number of arrests for ridiculous things like loitering. He should have been flagged for rehabilitation... but he wasn't. He didn't ever really get a second chance, just jail.

liner notes for freaz dried rabbi freeze However, something that got lost in all the commotion, was the creativity of a short-lived band that Chris was a part of: Freaz Dried Rabbi. This trio consisted of Chris on bass and vocals, Leanne Fisher on guitar and Bob Rozsypal on drums. Their sole, self-titled album, was recorded in a dingy tiny-as-hell studio onto cassette in 1992... when they were all 16-17 years old.

Of course, few people not close to the band have ever had the chance to hear this remarkable piece of early punky grunge rock. Well, considering that the rest of the band is around, somewhere, living normal lives, and that this stuff is just too good to fizzle into obscurity, I've digitized the entire album from the cassette and will now let it loose onto the net... if you participate in file-sharing, please consider injecting this into the milieu:

Freaz Dried Rabbi (s/t)

  1. Dead Aquatic Corpse - 128kpbs, mp3 [4.4 MB]
  2. A Lawless Bread - 128kpbs, mp3 [6.1 MB]
  3. Town Whore - 128kpbs, mp3 [5.4 MB]
  4. Random Walk - 128kpbs, mp3 [6.4 MB]
  5. Womenhead Blues - 128kpbs, mp3 [4.8 MB]
  6. Sirens - 128kpbs, mp3 [6.5 MB]

Note: I most certainly do not have the authorization from the copyright holders of this work to distribute these files. I am operating under the assumption that they don't care or would actively encourage the duplication of their files. I post these here to 1) keep the creativity alive after the creators have ceased to exist and 2) stimulate discussion about the preservation of our culture. If you are the immediate family of Chris, Leanne or Bob and would like this material taken down, please don't hesitate to contact me.

UPDATE [2004-12-16 12:57]: Ms. Wrobel wrote below to correct a few facts I had wrong and to give thanks for spreading the music. I apologize for the errors.

UPDATE [2005-04-06 09:14:08]: Like the true idiot I am, I neglected to digitize these tracks in stereo. However, as I always correct my mistakes in time, I've uploaded new versions of these tracks (links above) that are transcoded in stereo... you'll be amazed at how much is there that was lost with only having one channel.

UPDATE [2005-06-20 17:09:57]: Changed the media links to the Internet Archive.

You can see that Spirit from Orbit!

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an image taken by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft (orbiting Mars) of the tracks made by the Spirit rover, the lander and even the rover itself!

Wheel tracks left by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit, and even the rover itself, are visible in this partial image from the Mars Orbiter Camera on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor orbiter

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Mary is one of two kick-ass women that got me into blogging... read about her here: "Her So-Called Digital Life".

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