Grokster Briefs on the Merits...

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I'll be posting briefs filed in MGM v. Grokster as I see them here:

Briefs posted so far:

Petitioner's Briefs

Supporting Petitioners

In Support of Neither Party

The Challenge of P2P Blog...

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The class blog for Pam Samuelson's graduate seminar Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology: Legal and Policy Challenges is here: "The Challenge of P2P". (I'm the tutor for the course, which begins tomorrow.)

Berkeley students from SIMS, Law (Boalt), Economics, Computer Science and Public Policy will be disecting caselaw, academic literature, etc., each week. Please join us in the discussion by leaving comments and trackbacking, etc..

RSS feed for MGM v. Grokster

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I've gotten my main man and RSS mercenary, Carlo, to scrape the EFF's MGM v. Grokster case archive into RSS. New or edited list items added to their case archive will show up as new RSS entries on this feed. Here's the feed (link):

`nofollow` for b2evolution...

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NQB 2.0 shows up in various sets of search results, occasionally for something useful, but mostly for stupid crap. Crap that I felt the need to blog but Google thinks I may actually know jack about (take a look at the stats page linked to at right).

With Google's support of the rel="nofollow" link attribute (See "Nofollow to limit blog and comment spam" from SEJ), this can provide a powerful tool to ensure that you don't exacerbate these kinds of situations when they resonate. (like, for example, when you're linked to highly in search results and people come to your site and then show up in your stats page... a vicious cycle of absurdity.)

So, to counteract this and to eliminate linkage to anyone that I don't specifically condone, I've implemented a rel="nofollow" rule on NQB for all comments, stats and other-party links across the site. If you run, b2evolution, this forum post can show you how to implement the same policy on your site: "Googles rel="nofollow" on Comment spam". If you run some other blog software, you'll find how to implement `rel="nofollow" here: "How to implement 'rel=nofollow'" at Dirson's google-blog.

Thoughts on VSDA's brief in MGM v. Grokster...

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The Video Software Dealer's Association submitted a brief supporting the reversal of MGM v. Grokster. Here are my thoughts (in an extended entry so that it doesn't pollute your reader if you don't want to read legal stuff):

Note: We're archiving MGM v. Grokster briefs here.

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