eviL dead Live

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If you like the three Evil Dead movies (produced by Sam Raimi with Bruce Campbell... w00t Xena!), you're going to love Evil Dead Live.

It's a theatrical production based on all three of the movies done at the Off-Market Theaters in San Francisco (Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays, Feb. 17 to March 5, at 8 P.M.).

Apparently, there will be tons o' blood and a good percentage of this will end up on the audience (don't plan on wearing your prom clothes).

Breaking News: Vote Fraud in Clement County, OH?

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There apparently is good reason to believe that there may have been a coordinated effort to defraud the vote in at least one County in Ohio: Clement County. Check out this paragraph from a letter from Rep. John Conyers to the FBI about Clement County irregularities and possible fraud:

Several volunteers who observed the recount in Clement County, Ohio, prepared affadavits alleging serious tampering, violations of state and federal law and possible fraud. They assert that some ballots clearly marked for Kerry/Edwards were counted for Bush/Cheney. Specifically, during the Dec. 14, 2004 hand recount, volunteers noticed stickers covering the Kerry/Edwards oval, whereas the Bush/Cheney oval was "colored in". Beneath the stickers, the Kerry/Edwards oval was selected. These ballots were then fed into the machines after the hand recount, and counted for Bush/Cheney.

A Letter From My ISP, Sonic.net

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I received a letter from my ISP, Sonic.net. It basically describes that BellSouth has filed at the FCC for deregulation of DSL broadband services. This will mean that I really might only have two broadband choices in the future: Comcast and SBC. The quick summary:

There is a regulatory item which is underway at the Federal Communications Commission which could badly damage independent ISPs, and we're hoping that you would be willing to participate by sending online comments via the FCC website. The deadline for filing reply comments is this Friday, at 9PM Pacific.

Read on for the full letter.

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Wendy: Building our own PVRs

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Link: http://wendy.seltzer.org/blog/archives/2005/01/29/building_our_own_pvrs.html

If only I wasn't a broke grad. student...

With just five months left until the broadcast flag, EFF is staging a build-in: Build your own high-definition video recorder that lawfully ignores the broadcast flag.

We're using MythTV, a remarkably full-featured platform that can manage not only live and recorded television, but also music, movies, photos, weather, even VoIP phone calls. Because it's all Free Software, if you don't see a feature you want, you can code it yourself or find a friend who will.

Try Unsubscribing from State Department Email Lists...

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How hard is it to unsubscribe from a State Department Email List? Plenty damn hard. Read on if you've got a strong stomach.

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