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If You Use Firefox You Need To Read This

Someone has come up with a Firefox exploit - one that doesn't affect IE users!

You can find links to the details, at Boing Boing: Shmoo Group exploit. Here, however, is the simple info on how to protect yourself (probably):

  1. Goto your Firefox address bar. Enter about:config and press enter. Firefox will load the (large!) config page.

  2. Scroll down to the line beginning network.enableIDN - this is International Domain Name support, and it is causing the problem here. We want to turn this off - for now. Ideally we want to support international domain names, but not with this problem.

  3. Double-click the network.enableIDN label, and Firefox will show a dialog set to 'true'. Change it to 'false' (no quotes!), click Ok. You are done.

I say "probably" because even though this fix works for me, there are reports that it doesn't work for everyone. The test of the exploit is here.

UPDATE [2005-02-07 14:06]: This only works on a per-session basis... that is, if you quit Firefox and restart, the exploit works just as it did before. Checking network.enableIDN in about:config shows it still to be set to false. Setting it to true and then back to false does the trick. Although I don't want to do this every browser session! Crap.

UPDATE [2005-02-08 09:17]: Here is a permanent fix that actually works. Note: on Mac OS X with a recent version of FireFox 1.0 the compreg.dat file resides in:

~/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default

Where the xxxxxxxx is different for every user.


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Link: http://patrick.wagstrom.net/weblog/code/mythTorrent/intro.html

Well, it was bound to happen... Patrick Wagstrom has set up a feed for shows he's recently recorded with his MythTV.

UPDATE [2005-02-13 20:21:05]: Here's more details... "More on MythTorrent".

My russian friend the pirate...

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In case you've ever wondered just how random the shuffling algoritm for iPod/iTunes is:
"Does Your iPod Play Favorites?" (Steven Levy at Newsweek).


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Mary has the scoop over at Napsterization: AskJeeves is purchasing Bloglines. And the new AskJeeves blog seems to scream the same...

However, I've noticed that Mary's story doesn't show up in Bloglines... but does show up in her feeds (here, here and here).

I realize that the announcement of the sale isn't due to go public until Monday... but, could Bloglines be censoring such news? (Probably not, see update below.)

If so, that would be troubling. What other stories does Bloglines feel the need to censor? For business or political interests? Hmmmm. Maybe I should finally get a client-side reader?

UPDATE [10:36]: A full two hours after Mary posted the story, it showed up in Bloglines. Mary pointed out that it takes a while for things to show up in both bloglines and technorati as they aggregate so much. False alarm.

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