Fast Fraud

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Charles Tryon points to a brand-new lawsuit, "Supersized Lawsuit":

Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me featured a brief interview with attorney Samuel Hirsch, who was representing two adolescent girls who were suing McDonalds in 2002 for contributing to their obesity. During his interview, Hirsch is asked for his motivations in representing the two girls. His response: "You mean, motive besides monetary compensation? You want to hear a noble cause?"

Now Hirsch is at again, suing Spurlock for defamation. According to the Documentary Film Weblog, "Accusing the director of 'Negligence, Unauthorized Use of Likeness, Disparagement to Reputation, and Defamation of Character, Fraudulent Inducement, False Misrepresentation, Damage to Business Reputation,' Hirsch is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, and is also seeking 'disgorgement of profits.'" For more information, check out the New York Observer story.

It's amazing how some attorneys sue at the drop of a hat, knowing fully well that it would be tough for the opponent to devote enough resources to succeed. I mean, really, this guy was an independent film maker and Hirsch knew fully well that the interview could be used in whole or in part for the film (I hope we see a contract or other legal instrument appear that says as much).

Ho hum... litigious is as litigious does.

A Law of Daves?


Axiom: The more Daves you have on your side, the better.

My Mac is sick... sort of (loose AirPort Card)

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Moral: If you don't buy AppleCare when you buy a Mac, you're a freakin' idiot.

picture of my Powerbook's cover off showing the AirPort Card

UPDATE [2005-03-05 15:12:19]: I removed the AirPort Card entirely and now no longer have this problem. However, I now no longer have wireless capability. I'm not sure if the problem is in the AirPort Card or the interface that it sits in (a PCMCIA like thing with an antenna plug at the opposite end).
UPDATE [2005-03-05 10:05:43]: Well, I had thought that this fixed my Mac, but, alas, it did not. The next thing I will try is removing the AirPort Card entirely.

I've been having this weird problem where my Powerbook won't wake from sleep. Then, when I hold down the power button and reboot, it hangs during boot-up! Specifically, it seems to be having a problem with the part of boot-up that concerns something called CHUDProf.kext which I take to be a kernel extension of some sort.

Temporary Solution: Turn the bastard off, reset the PMU, unplug all cables, restart holding down Cmd-V (to see what the hell is going on) and cross all my fingers and toes. This seems to work but now I have to carry a freakin' screwdriver around to get access to the PMU under the keyboard!

Permanent Solution: Ah, so I figured this out (I think). I saw a bunch of indications in various places on the net that a loose AirPort Card can cause frequent hangs during boot-up. It was time to figure out how to open my Powerbook up.

How they hell do you open the Powerbook up and remove the AirPort card? Luckily, in this respect Apple's got our backs. Basically, you follow the directions posted here in PDF form : "AirPort Card: Replacement Instructions". (You'll need a Torx screwdriver instead of the phillips head mentioned in the directions... If you have an iBook, you'll want to go here: "iBook: Installing or Replacing the AirPort Card".)

After carefully removing the bottom case and the AirPort Card, I reinstalled the AirPort card and made sure that everything was quite snug (but not too snug!). Then, the moment of truth... I booted up (pressing Cmd-V to see the messages) and it shot past the point at which it was hanging.

Evidence of Cosmic Strings Found?

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If this "discovery" survives scrutiny, it will be the biggest scientific discovery of all time. Hands down.

Finding the Ultimate Theory of Everything

Could two lookalike galaxies, barely a whisker apart in the night sky, herald a revolution in our understanding of fundamental physics? Some physicists believe that the two galaxies are the same - its image has been split into two, they maintain, by a "cosmic string"; a San Andreas Fault in the very fabric of space and time.

If this interpretation is correct, then CSL-1 - the name of the curious double galaxy - is the first concrete evidence for "superstring theory": the best candidate for a "theory of everything", which attempts to encapsulate all the phenomena of nature in one neat set of equations.

MGM v. Grokster briefs in support of affirmance

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The briefs in MGM v. Grokster in support of affirmance will be posted on EFF's case archive and on our course webpage.

Also, if you like RSS, here is a feed for the EFF's MGM v. Grokster case archive (put this in your favorite feed reader):

Note: if you use a version of FireFox that has live bookmarks, you can make the feed above a live bookmark. First, check the lower right-hand corner of firefox on this page it should have an orange live bookmark icon. Click on that and choose a feed from my site. Then, open the manage bookmarks window (under the bookmarks menu item) and replace the feed URL to my site with the feed above (and change the name to Grokster or something). Unfortunately, this isn't as live as it could be as my bootlegged feed only updates once per hour. To be truly live, EFF would have to publish their own feed. (hint, hint)

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