Disable pre-fetching in Firefox


Have you been noticing weird cookie-setting behavior while searching google lately? Well, google has decided to avail itself of certain browsers' pre-fetching features which loads the most likely next site in the background. Here's how to turn it off (via mamamusings... read Liz's post to get an idea of why you should care about this) :

  1. Type about:config in your browser's location bar.
  2. Set network.prefetch-next to false.

PHP Markdown 1.0.2b2

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Well, I've just made the switch from PHP Markdown 1.0.1 to PHP Markdown 1.0.2b2. I also solved a small problem with using PHP Markdown with b2evolution (see below). Now, I can write links like this:

This is [a link], dork!

[a link]:http://yo.mama.is.ugly/

Which is slightly better, I believe, than:

This is [a link][], dork!

[a link]:http://yo.mama.is.ugly/

Another win for easily-readable and parseable text.

Using Markdown's Automatic Link Syntax with PHP Markdown and b2evolution: Unfortunately, I noticed the following behavior with automatic links using my PHP Markdown plugin with b2evolution. It turns automatic links in Markdown form:


into this:

<http ://example.com/></http>

This means that I'm still not supporting the <http://example.com> format from the Markdown syntax in my PHP Markdown plugin for b2evolution. This is because b2evolution's balanceTags function is trying to balance the <http://...> tag! How do you turn this off? Well, open conf/_formatting.php in your b2evolution blog's directory tree and change the line that starts:

$use_balanceTags = 1;


$use_balanceTags = 0;

Now, <http://example.com produces this:

<a href="http://example.com">http://example.com/</a>


Cherry Owens' Ode to Prednisone


This is a poem written by my aunt Cherry, recently deceased. She lived 46 years with type-1 diabetes. This poem was written after a pancreas transplant when they give transplant recipients a very potent cocktail of anti-rejection drugs, including the steroid Prednisone.

Ode to Prednisone

Cherry Owens 1998-01-26 (post-transplant)

I think I know what "speed" is like,
Addicted to the bone
I fly around the ceiling lights --
I'm hooked on prednisone

My fingers shake, my eyelids twitch,
I'm in the twilight zone
I have a rash upon my knees
Yep! I'm on prednisone

I laugh and cry all in one breath;
My temper fits have grown
My family roll their eyes and say,
"It must be prednisone!"

I lie awake for hours at night
By dawn my lists have grown
I cram so much into each day
It must be prednisone

I wash the floor; we eat good meals
The laundry's never strown
I write a zillion Thank You notes
The engine's prednisone

Each tiny detail has my gaze
A paper clip alone
Must be disposed of properly
That tyrant prednisone

I thought that I would read a lot
My stack of books has grown
But vision's blurry -- reading's hard,
It's naughty prednisone

My hair is brittle, so no bleach
My "highlights" have all grown
I know it's true blondes have more fun
But I'm on prednisone

I never had heartburn before,
Though I've heard friends who moan
There's Maalox at my bedside close
'Cause I'm on prednisone

But is there nothing good to say?
Or can I only moan?
There are but two goods I'll admit
About this prednisone

I sort of have a checkered past
I've been depression prone
I'm up so high I can't get down
While I'm on prednisone

To get a new replacement part
From someone quite unknown
Is such a gift and sacred trust
I'll take the prednisone

When diverse parties openly deliver digital information...

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Come take our class in SIMS at Berkeley this Fall. Instructors will be Pam Samuelson, Mitchell Kapor and Steven Weber (I'll be your TA).

INFOSYS 296A: Open Source Development and Distribution of Digital Information: Economic, Legal and Social Perspectives

Substantial investments are being made by many individuals and firms in the development and distribution of open source software and other information artifacts. This seminar will consider economic and business rationales for adoption of open source modes of production and dissemination and will consider how open source projects might be made sustainable by looking into the social and organizational dynamics used to coordinate their activities. The seminar will examine licensing models widely used by open source developers, which generally grant rights to use and modify licensed information on condition that users agree to carry over to derivative works the same license restrictions imposed by the open source developer. For software, this includes free publication of source code. Open source licensing models are being adapted to apply to more than just computer software, such as databases of scientific information, certain biotechnology innovations, and music. Whether the metaphor of open source has wider social ramifications as a modality of community governance will also be given attention.

Misogynistic sphaghetti western song...


Wow. I've just gotten a taste of why DJs search so long and hard for the perfect songs on long-lost vinyl. Michelle found this album with all Italian writing on the jacket.

front cover of

Check out this strangely misogynistic song, "Campa Carogna... La Taglia Cresce"1 performed by Stephen Boyd (vocals) / Orchestra diretta da Giacomo Dell'Orso. It's from the above compilation, 12 Spaghetti Western (1966) of songs from spaghetti westerns (which were western movies made for Italian audiences). Here's a bit of the chorus:

Woman, you're not a friend.
Every time I come to you I find that you're changing your mind.
Always when the chips are down, I find I can't be trusting your kind. Doodle-oomp Doomp

1 This file will remain up for about one week.

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