Bay Area Law School Technology Conference, 2005

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I'm moderating the evoting panel, "Out with the Hanging Chad, in with the Black Box" at tomorrow's Bay Area Law School Technology Conference.

eDemocracy: Out with the Hanging Chad, in with the Black Box

Now that the dust is settling, what can we conclude about our nationwide experiment with electronic voting? While the 2000 election highlighted the problems posed by voting technology, there were no major legal challenges based on the machines in the 2004 elections despite talk of serious issues before the election. What really happened, and what could be done better in 2006 and 2008?

Panelists: David L. Dill, Ren Bucholz, Ann Brick, Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Matt Zimmerman

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UPDATE [2005-05-02 12:17:34]: The audio for this panel is now up.

Acronym support for b2evolution quicktags toolbar

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I've always wanted to be able to easily markup <acronym> tags in b2evolution.

There is a plugin, autoacro, for b2evolution that automagically turns certain pre-defined acronyms into markup with the <acronym> tag. That's not what I wanted, so I created my own hack to the b2evolution quicktags editing toolbar to support adding a random acronym to your text.

For example, Let's say you have the following text in a post:

CAPTCHA is an acronym

With my new hack to the _quicktags.toolbar.php plugin, you could select CAPTCHA, hit CTRL-Z (ALT-Z on Windoze) and enter Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart and it would produce the following markup:

An image of my acronym hack in action

If you run b2evo and would like to add this functionality to your blog, do the following (I'm assuming that you have the _quicktags.toolbar.php shipped with version of b2evo):

  1. Download my patchfile for the _quicktags.toolbar.php plugin (located in the plugins/toolbars/ directory of your b2evo install).

  2. Type:

    patch < quicktags_toolbar_acronym.patch
  3. That should do it. You should now be able to see the "acronym" button in the editing toolbar (as in the above image). You can also hit CTRL-Z (ALT-Z on Windoze) to activate this function without using the mouse. Note: if this doesn't work for you, you can type patch -R < quicktags_toolbar_acronym.patch and this should restore the _quicktags.toolbar.php file to what it was before.

UPDATE [2005-04-08 13:32:30]: I've changed the tag from <acronym> to <abbr> according to suggestions on the Markdown list. I've also added support for adding mouse-over footnotes using <a class="footnote" title="text of footnote">.

Editing old posts in b2evolution

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I frequently find a need to edit or update old posts in my blog. However, b2evolution has this strange quirk in its back office where it will only let you edit about two weeks of entries. It turns out that some b2evo skins have an edit link in them already so that if you're logged in, you see this link on every post... If your skin leaves this out, add the following code right after the place in _main.php that deals with permalinks:

if(is_logged_in()) {
echo '<small><span class="admin"> - <a href="';
echo $admin_url, '/b2edit.php?action=edit&amp;post=';
echo '&amp;submit=%A0+Edit+%A0" ';
echo 'title="Edit this post">(Edit)</a></span></small>';}

Thanks to stk for this hint!

All your base (stations) belong to U.S.


(via Doug) The FBI recently demonstrated a method of cracking 128-bit WEP -- the strongest form of wireless encryption that many commercial base stations offer -- in about three minutes using publicly available tools (via Tom's Networking, "The Feds can own your WLAN too").

Looks like it's time to move to WPA...

Transcript of MGM v. Grokster

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We've posted the transcript from the MGM v. Grokster oral argument:

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