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Below is an email I received from a public relations person for this post to BoingBoing. Here's what I wrote back:

"Thank you for this. I hadn't realized the distinction between OMA and MPEG LA. However, I'm not so sure that a standard developed under a RAND IPR model is truly "open". That is, having a standard come with a royalty payment will, by design, discriminate against people unable to pay this royalty fee. And we must remember that $1 or $.65 is still quite a bit for people wishing to make use of these patents in developing countries, where a royalty price tied as a percentage to some artifact of the local economy (like GDP perhaps, just an idea) might do a better job of being "open". However, even this is not open to all.

So, while I sympathize for the mix up that happened in the press and is now echoing, I think OMA might want to consider moving to an RF IPR licensing model, so that it not be tarnished by the short-sided actions of its standards developers."

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A social recommendation success...


(If you don't like non-topical posts, skip this.)

This is a little story of a broke graduate student, a broke car and the Berkeley Parents Network. Thank you, BPN.

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I thought I'd take a moment and announce to the world that today is Michelle and my sixth anniversary. No, we're not married, but we're as close as either of us probably every will be to marriage.

michelle and joe at the vesuvio in san francisco Many people ask us when we plan to marry. Usually, this isn't phrased as if we plan to marry, just when. Well, people seem to get married for a reason or out of tradition or habit. We don't have a reason for marriage (other than visitation rights in the ICU of a hospital). We both come from "broken" homes... that is, our parents are all divorced and remarried a few times. And the funny thing is that heterosexual couples can't have domestic partnerships in California... well, we'd like to stay unmarried, MarriageFree and together forever.

Michelle is a gem of a partner. Beautiful, intelligent, reasonable, very creative and more fun than anyone else in the world. <toast> So, here's to six more years of partnership! May they be just-as-happy if not happier and reasonably free of graduate school! </toast>

President Bush knows the Darknet

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From a story in the IHT, we get a peak into President Bush's iPod ("White House Letter: 'Boomer rock' keeps Bush's heart in tune"). However, it appears that Bush might have gotten some of his tunes, ahem, from friends:

The president also has an eclectic mix of songs downloaded into his iPod from Mark McKinnon, a biking buddy and his chief media strategist in the 2004 campaign.

While we've seen the RIAA recently concede that ripping from CDs into a digital device is not copyright infringement, we haven't seen them say that copying digital files from a friend is not copyright infringement.

Mr. President, watch your ass.

SSAW2 panel and paper...

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My panel and Yuri's and my paper were both accepted to the Social Software in the Academy (SSAW) workshop to be held on May 14-15, 2005 at the Annenberg Center at USC. I've inlcuded the text of the panel proposal and our paper's abstract below.

It will be nice to talk about the role blogging plays in academic communities as well as pedagogy. The panel should be especially interesting as the line up includes: Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Pomona College; Media Studies Program), Alex Halavais (University at Buffalo; School of Informatics), Charles Tryon (Georgia Institute of Technology; School of Literature, Communication, and Culture), Richard Smith (Simon Fraser University; School of Communication) and myself as moderator.

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