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On the subject of SIMS master's projects, check out Lisa and Carolyn's SylViA app. ... it's an XML-powered syllabus viewer for SIMS courses... Why should you care? Because they push class readings, assignments and such to you via RSS!!!!!!!!

Officially insane... in Portuguese.


I'm now officially insane... in Portuguese.

PlaceSite @ A Cuppa Tea

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A Joe G notes ("PlaceSite"):

Some graduate students at Berkeley are doing this very cool location-based social software project. When a user connects to the wireless network at a participating cafe, they are presented with a captive portal page which allows them to connect with others who are physically in the cafe with them.

These graduate students would be Sean Savage and Jon Snydal of SIMS and Damon McCormick, an undergrad. in Berkeley CS.

If you find yourself near College and Alcatraz (3202 College Ave.) in Berkeley, stop by and check it out... and don't forget to try the chocolatines (pain au chocolat) from La Farine a few doors down.

After FECA...

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As Joe G notes ("President Signs FECA"), the Prez signed FECA into law. He predicts that a bill to deal with orphaned works will be introduced that is fashioned after the Glushko-Samuelson Clinic's recent proposal (PDF)... and, in case you haven't read that proposal, here's the "heart of the work" (page 3):

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Reading on the Bus: Radin on ESPERs/DRM, Picker on Sony


I get quite a bit of reading done on the bus ride from my apartment to UC Berkeley. What have I read (and enjoyed) recently? (I include abstracts below-the-fold.)

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