On netiquette

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At least four separate organizations I'm involved with have had problems lately with behavior on unmoderated mailing lists. In the interest of not filling up people's inboxes, I would like to point everyone out there to Jeff Johnson's 1998 article for CPSR on Netiquette: "Netiquette Training: Whose Responsibility?"

Women you should be reading...

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Here are two gals you should be reading if you enjoy good writing... writing that will make you chuckle; writing that will make you re-read sentences; writing that will teach you something, that's for sure:

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NQB2 podcast 02 - Hella, Fantômas and Hasil Adkins

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Link: http://www.sonic.net/~jlhall/pod/nqb2_podcast_02.mp3

Howdy, y'all. I've just finished off my second podcast and if you subscribe to the podcast-enabled feed for NQB2, you can download it and listen to it now (or click the title of this post for a 25MB mp3). Hopefully, there are not enough of you to hit my bandwidth cap.

Here's what I talk about in my second podcast, "Hella, Fantômas and Hasil Adkins":

  • Stephanie, Bill, Bob, Michelle and I went to see Fantômas and Hella play the Fillmore in San Francisco... and they were each amazing. I give you a taste of each band plus the bands that each member of Fantômas comes from (Faith No More, the Melvins, Slayer and Mr. Bungle).

  • Then I talk about the recent passing of Hasil Adkins and play a bit of a live version of "She Said" recorded in Chicago. Then I play a bit of the Cramps' version of "She Said".

Enjoy. (Sorry for the spottiness of the transitions between my talking and the music... I mixed this in Apple's GarageBand. GarageBand totally sucks. It is no where near usable, it doesn't save compositions as you arrange them in the interface (so every time you open the damn thing you have to re-arrange) and it won't let you do songs longer than 999 measures. As I've said more than once lately, I love my Mac but hate Apple.)

Hasil Adkins dead at 68


As the New York Times reports ("Hasil Adkins, Wild Man of Rockabilly, Dies at 68"), one heck of an underappreciated figure in the development of rock n' roll died today: Hasil Adkins. Here's a brief snippet of the NYT's obituary. I'll record a short podcast tribute to Hasil later where I'll give you a tiny taste of him... :

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Is eMusic selling customer data? No.

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There has been speculation ("EPIC asks: which digital music service is selling your data?") on Boing Boing that eMusic.com (the best music subscription site ever) might be selling its customer data. As a long-time eMusic.com customer, I was perturbed and sent and email saying as much to eMusic (see below). They responded saying that they have not and will not ever sell customer data (see below).

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