Upgrading to Tiger...


I finally upgraded to Tiger... doing an erase and install, using Joe Kissell's "Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger" which is a wonderful document.

The only thing that seems to have gotten stuck in the process was the hotkey to launch DockExtender's menu. Maybe it's time to move on to LaunchBar. Anyone out there have an opinion on this?

(I liked DockExtender's ability to define my own menus and such but that seems to no longer be necessary with Spotlight... however, LaunchBar seems to do more, quicker.)

Tiger is pretty damn slick... although I'll have to understand those dashboard thingies better somehow...

Worst... travel experience... ever

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I'm going to take a few paragraphs to describe my recent six-day business trip to Baltimore and then Amsterdam with my wonderful boss Deirdre of the SLTPPC. It will obviously -- due to sheer hellishness -- stand as the trip by which I measure other travel experiences in the future.

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Panama's problems with Social Security reform...

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Just got this in an email from my bro, Richard, down in Panama (with the Corps):

Lots of protests in Panama today. The government released their plan to reform Panama's Social Security, which has massive problems. The big thing was an increase in the retirement age by four years. Interestingly, the university students are the biggest protesters. Young people are the ones least immediately affected by a change in the retirement age and are likely to benefit the most by preserving the solvency of the Social Security system. They react to this by lobbing Molotov cocktails at the police. It seems like they just want a reason to act violently. (linkage mine)

Uds. pueden encontrar la legislación proponida aquí. Tal vez escribiré unos posts en español para practicar... ¡Si hay cualquier persona que quisiera que escribiera en español ocasionalmente, dígalo!

It's an exodus, y'all...

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Like Judd (and so many sims students), I'm going to be moving on to my own domain. I just got josephhall.org and will move this blog to http://josephhall.org/nqb2/, as soon as I can find a good web host.

Any advice? I need the AMP in LAMP and just don't feel complete without shell access (SSH) and sftp... and a gig or so of space and a number of gigs of bandwith per month would be great.

If anyone out there has had a particularly good experience, let me know and I'll consider parking my .org there.

UPDATE [2005-05-22 09:41:43]: I went with Birdhouse Hosting, which is a hosting company run by the sysadmin of the UC Berkeley Journalism School, Scot Hacker. Birdhouse has a suite of great hosting plans, tons of icing for you geeks and, with the 20% student discount for Berkeley students, the plan I chose works out to $12.50 per month.



From the NYT ("U.S. Denounces Release of Candid Hussein Photographs"):

A lawyer for Mr. Hussein, Ziad Khassawneh, told the Arab news service Al Jazeera, which declined to republish the pictures for "professional and moral reasons," that his legal team would sue The Sun on the ground that the pictures constitute "a violation of human rights in contravention of the Geneva Convention," Agence France-Press said.

So showing pictures of Sadam in his underwear implicate "professional and moral reasons" whereas showing hostages being killed and beheaded don't? Isn't someone's death just as private as these compromising moments? Jeez...

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