Privacy leakage via Netflix...

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Someone in my apartment building has been stealing our Netflix videos (the videos don't fit in our mail slots and are placed outside of our locked mailboxes). If they just borrowed them for a day or so to watch them and then returned them (or even sent them back) I wouldn't be so irked. However, it appears they keep them or throw them away... which of these, I don't know.

Other people's Netflix DVDs aren't stolen (or thrown away) with such consistency. Either someone really likes our taste in movies and steals them or they hate our taste and throw them away (or think that the Netflix videos are trash like the freakin' AOL CDs we get constantly at the apartment complex).

We've had to explain to Netflix on a few occasions that we aren't pulling their legs and that these things are disappearing and are either stolen or lost. Regardless, someone is likely getting a strange piece of insight into what we watch. Here is the list of movies that have disappeared... granted, not all I'm proud to report:

Veronica Lipgloss, Glass Candy and the Man with the Screaming Brain

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So, we've got an exciting Wednesday and Thursday evening set up... Wednesday we're off to the theatre to see eviL DeaD Live at the Victoria Theatre and then on Thursday we'll see the movie the Man with the Screaming Brain at the Roxie and then motor over to the Hemlock Tavern to see Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes open for Glass Candy!!!

Evil Dead Live is a theatrical production of the Evil Dead series of movies as created by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. Apparently, we're supposed to wear soilable clothing as the amount of fake blood will be massive. Bruce Campbell wrote, produced, directed and stars in The Man with the Screaming Brain which is the closing event for the (Yet) Another Hole in the Head independent horror and sci-fi film festival.

NQB2 on the move! (Or "How to move a b2evo blog")

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So you may notice that I've moved NQB2 to a new web host (hint: take a look at the new URL...

You should update your feeds (see the list in the panel at right). It was a pretty clean move, if you notice any funny business, please send me an email.

For all of you b2evo bloggers out there who love a good how-to, I'll outline (in an extended entry below) the steps I took to make the move and do it cleanly.

Full story »

Tales from the Long Tail... (No. 1)

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So, I've changed the title of my podcast to Tales from the Long Tail.

However, I can't promise that I'll do podcasting more than semi-monthly but do let me know what you want to hear more of.

Why the new name? Well, I'd like to devote my podcasts to highlighting music or culture that I've been consuming in the long tail. That is, things that aren't getting much attention or $$$ but that are just as amazing as any of the other artists in the power law curve of attention. On each podcast of Tales from the Long Tail I'll highlight obscure or fringe music that you might consider listening to.

In this first installment I play a few excerpts from sexy and sometimes raunchy Princess Superstar including Wet! Wet! Wet!, Bad Baby sitter and Kool Keith's Ass. Then I play an excerpt from DwarfStar, a song by the 18th-century cellic ghost-circus that is Rasputina. Finally, I close out with the divariffic Diva Destruction covering Radiohead's Climbing the Walls off of Cleopatra Records' tribute comp., Anyone Can Play Radiohead.

UPDATE [2005-06-06 13:21:31]: Chris Anderson has a neat Long Tail blog... and this first installment of TLT was graciously linked from his left sidebar. Cool.

People voting twice...

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People do vote more than once. This report is from Seattle... I'm not convinced we catch them all (Two Plead Guilty to Voting Twice in 2004):

As the results of 2004's general election are being contested in court halfway across the state, two people pleaded guilty Thursday to voting twice in the election.

Doris McFarland, 83, and Robert Holmgren, 59, each admitted in King County District Court that they forged the signatures of and cast ballots for their recently deceased spouses.

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