PlaceSite in NYT

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Sean, Jon and Damon McCormick's project PlaceSite made it into a story in today's NYT on cafes throttling back the free WiFi:

Some Cafe Owners Pull the Plug on Lingering Wi-Fi Users

[...] Independent cafes have experienced mixed results with free Wi-Fi, however, according to many cafes and hotspot operators. A cafe's nature can be classified as "office," "social," or a hybrid, according to research by Sean Savage, who recently earned his master's degree from the [School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS) at the] University of California, Berkeley. His thesis focused on the intersection of technology and society in cafes.

In his work, Mr. Savage found that an office cafe discouraged conversation and was filled with people who came alone and were focused on their work. Social cafes have customers who arrive in groups. "If you come into a place like that and it's a particularly busy time, you get dirty looks if you open a laptop and start zoning out," Mr. Savage said. But the hybrid cafes were more complicated. Many of these hybrid cafes, like the Canvas Gallery in San Francisco, are a "different place at different times of day," he said.

Personally, I think cafes should require that you buy something every hour or two. I don't know how to enforce that though. People who think that it's a right for them to sit in a cafe for 6-8 hours and get free network service having only purchased a single drink are delluded.

Lots going on at NASA...

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There is a lot going on at NASA. Firings, layoffs, contract cancellations and hints of center reorganizations and maybe even a closure.

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Independent Label Trade Group

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From Digital Music News:

Indie Labels Flex Collective Muscle With New Trade Group

In an attempt to counter the market power of the four major music companies, 125 of the largest independent record labels in the United States announced the formation of a new trade group earlier this week. The American Association of Independent Music (or A2IM), which will be based in New York with a lobbying arm in Washington, DC, will work to give indie labels clout commensurate with their collective market share - pegged at 25% by some industry observers. Members of the new group include TVT, Lookout Records, Beggars Group and Tommy Boy Records, among others. [...]

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Flaky web services...


What's with the flakiness of Bloglines, GMail and I love each of them, but when things go wrong, they go really wrong. Right now [2005-06-08 15:12:38], Bloglines is doing this thing where it repeatedly asks me to re-login. Stability, people.

The last Peel session...


image of the Hot Snake's Peel Session 7 inch I just got a copy of the Hot Snakes' recent 7" recorded as a Peel session in the UK. Apparently, it was the last Peel session ever as John Peel died a week later on vacation in Perú. It's very good, pressed on red vinyl and there are a few left at Insound. Tracks include Braintrust, This Mystic Decade, No Hands and Automatic Midnight.

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