Amazon labeling CDs as "Copy Protected"?

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This is the first time I've ever seen a CD on Amazon listed as [COPY PROTECTED CD] (they're usually listed as ENHANCED or something else). It's the upcoming CD of Amici Forever, Defined.

a screen shot of the band Amici Forever's CD Defined which has a copy protection label in the title of the CD

This is likely due to Amazon customers complaining about CDs not working in their devices after purchase (we're doing some research on this).

Actually, it looks like all of the new releases from RCA labels are labeled as such on Amazon.

UPDATE [2005-06-21 12:28:24]: More on this from an EU-jurisprudence perspective from the amazing CoCo blog: Amazon DRM Labeling Falls Short.

Losing patience with Bloglines... it's starting to suck!

system, blogging, feeds, wtf?, chilling effects, usability

I am totally losing my patience with Bloglines.

Their interface has been wholly inconsistent for the past week. Things such as omission of the "collapse" feature (which allows skipping a bunch of entries from a blog but still having them marked as "read"), making the default "collapse" with no "expand" link and just not marking my feeds as read (which results in having to re-look at many stories to get the good stuff).

I took a look at Pluck and Rojo and neither are anywhere near the usability of Bloglines right now. Any other suggestions for web-service feed aggregators that don't totally suck?

The opposite of fill-paragraph in Emacs...


So, like many emacs users, I occasionally need to do the opposite of a specific command. Case in point, the M-q command which does the function fill-paragraph will take a line that is too long and justify it to 72 columns per row of text (as well as doing a bunch of other things like keeping lists justified properly and such).

How does one do the opposite? Well theres no unjustify-region command or unfill-paragraph command. However, Stefan Monnier has provided a quick unfill-paragraph command that you can place in your .emacs file:

;;; Stefan Monnier <foo at>. It is the opposite of 
;;; fill-paragraph. Takes a multi-line paragraph and makes 
;;; it into a single line of text.
(defun unfill-paragraph ()
  (let ((fill-column (point-max)))
    (fill-paragraph nil)))

Favorite Podcasts...

music, podcasts

I've been using iPodder to check out a few podcasts lately... and I have to plug a few of the cool ones I've found... (be warned: these are as weird as my tastes... which are plenty weird)

Full story »

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.1 for PCs leaked...

copyright, hacks, secrecy, p2p

Well, it seems that operating systems want to be free too...

UPDATE [2005-06-14 11:15:20]: Turns out that this is a hoax.

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