Device interoperability for digital music is illegal in the UK...

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I didn't know this, but while reading The Register, an author claimed that ripping music CDs to play songs in an iPod was illegal in the UK. Apparently, this is so... making any copies of a music CD is illegal in the UK (snippet below is from a feature in PC Extreme called "Copy Anything").

I learned something today.

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RSS feed of U.S. Supreme Court slip opinions...

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Here is a feed for the U.S. Supreme Court's slip opinions page. (thanks Carlo!)

Grokster could be announced on a Thursday...

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Via the EFF's announcement of a decision-day press conference:

The Court has already scheduled opinion announcements for 10:00a on June 20th, 23rd, 27th, and 30th, and may schedule additional days.

Video of re-examination of the Unilect Patriot voting system...

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Justin Moore has digitized video that Joyce McCloy obtained from the Pennsylvania's SoS. Find torrent links to the movies below... and please keep your BitTorrent software open after done downloading to help distribute the bandwidth.

UPDATE[2005-06-20 13:40:41]: These videos (like many flavors of AVI) don't play nice with QuickTime on the Mac. They were compressed using mplayer on Linux... fortunately, there is a binary distribution of Mplayer for the Mac. (Alternatively and not ideally, you could attempt to install the MS-MPEG4v2 video codec and the AC3 audio codec... but I had to press pause every 5 seconds or so to get the video and audio to sync.)

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Computing in bright environments with a Mac...

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Ever had a problem seeing your Mac's screen in a bright environment? Is the glare on your Mac's screen too much sometimes to see in sunlit spaces? Well, thanks to Sean, I now know the answer: hit Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-8. This will (I think) negate the colors on your screen and make it very much more readable in bright / sunlit environs.

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