Yahoo local's yahoos...


So, at Where 2.0 (with AnnaLee, Jason, Sean, and Jon to name a few), the vendor booths are pretty damn cool... Google Earth is freakin' awesome and MSN Virtual Earth seems like it will be cool (although the demos only seem to do Seattle right now).

One of the funniest parts of the day was the guy at the Yahoo Local booth apologizing for their schwag... they have neat little dashboard-mountable compasses for your vehicle. The guy said, "I'm sorry that the arrow is pointing away from North..."

an image of a dashboard-mountable compass given away by the yahoo local team at Where 2.0

Of course, the arrow is supposed to point away from North. The whole premise with these types of compasses is that you have to be able to read the compass from behind it. If it worked like a normal compass, you'd have to be on the hood of your car to read what direction it's pointing. No, on these compasses, the dial is inverted so that whatever you read on the back side of the compass is the reading in which the compass is pointed.

In truth, I didn't realize this until later... but it's especially funny that Yahoo Local is supposed to be somewhat of a geo-savvy service. They've got the cool schwag down pat... now they only need to make sure their reps. don't bungle the small things up.

UPDATE [2005-06-30 17:00:00]: Man, Google has changed the format of the urls in search results so that they're now redirected from yes, people, Google is profiling us.

Anyway, I wanted to mention that I met some great people from Yahoo local... they're not all yahoos.

Best pizza in the East Bay...

berkeley, food

UPDATE [2009-11-04T14:28:54]: Gioia is now my number 2, after Emilia's Pizzeria at Shattuck and Ashby.

This is, hands-down, the best pizza in the East Bay.

(I know some of you will yell, "Arinell's!" or "Zachary's!" or even "Cheeseboard!" but you will all be wrong. Arinell's is good but has become rote over the years. Zachary's is good but doesn't really do Chicago-style (go to Chicago, punk!) and their thin crust is inedible. Cheeseboard is interesting and good but too damn Californian to be even near the best.)

Gioia's pizzeria (map) is the best. Amazing dough that turns into an amazing crust, simple ingredients, and it is simply heaven when it's hot. Here's a menu... eat and be merry:

an image of the menu of Gioia pizzeria in Berkeley, CA

Design communications that leave no trace?

copyright, hacks, open source, chilling effects, p2p, policy, legal

(I'm so chatty lately... sorry...)

While reading a post of Ernie Miller's on the interesting issues posed to open source by the Grokster decision ("Grokster and Open Source: Will Open Source Force the Court to Confront Sony?"), I realized what we really need is a device through which you can communicate which leaves no record. This way, you could speak candidly about the design considerations of your tech-to-be. How could one ensure that such a device's communications would be un-capturable?

(In fact, this raises some other issues... like the fact that fundamental to innovation and business is the ability to deliberate on issues of design and strategy. So we need a way to deliberate in confidence. Of course, if you yourself are the sole product designer, you don't have to send yourself emails (although we all do), which would be subpoenable.)

UPDATE [2005-06-28 23:37:56]: Ping points to Off-the-Record Messaging developed by Nikita Borisov and Ian Goldberg which provides for:

Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging by providing: Encryption, Authentication, Deniability and Perfect forward secrecy.

A lesson in allegorical discretion from Kathleen...

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Wow. You all must read comment number 4 on this post.

This is the coolest I've ever seen in terms of trying to tell a confidential story in allegory... Kathleen uses two toes on different feet as allegories to tell a story about god knows what... Comment number 4 is a must read on this post: "I Hate Confrontation".

Kathleen graces the blogosphere with such a cool, personal blog... so personal that it is hard to talk about certain things as her students, colleagues and weirdos like me read her blog. I've got my own ideas about what this allegory refers to... but I'll keep that to myself. Here's a taste:

Full story »

At where 2.0... (well not all of it, due to the EAC)

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, San Francisco, research, policy, usability

I'll be at some or all of Where 2.0 here in SF... let me know if your going to be there and what I shouldn't miss.

(Unfortunately, the EAC has released another freakin' set of the VVSG 2005 which is different than both what the NIST TGDC published and what EPIC FOIA'd... considering the public meeting on the VVSG is on thursday, I'm busting my ass to read most if not all of the 400+ pages. Sheesh.)

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