Bloglines sucks II

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I'm going to publish every "bloglines sucks" letter that I send to them from now on... here's number two:

UPDATE [2005-08-10 09:52:27]: I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way... Doug points to a few other complaints about bloglines in the blogosphere ("More bloglines complaints"). I share Doug's appreciation of the performance of the GMail web service as well... it's amazing that a company could deliver such a reliable, usable and subtantial product and then open it up for the entire public to use for free. And I've only experienced one significant outage of GMail in the early days which has never been repeated. Also, the GMail feature set has stabilized whereas bloglines features come and go depending on the time of day.

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death by doll This band, Death By Doll, is really cool... artsy and macabre in just the right ways. I saw them open at the Hemlock for Glass Candy... and it was quite the treat. I especially like the tracks, "The Flame", "Aquaducts" and "Towing Jehova"... I don't know where you'd get their record at. I'll do a podcast later and feature these songs.

How to turn off the display of b2evolution's massive antispam table

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So, a while back I complained over in the b2evo Feature Request forum about how the antispam tab in the backend was not optimal. As the size of our self-reported blacklists grow so does the time it takes to render and download the antispam tab. (That particular topic has been locked by a moderator, so I'll have to announce my fix here.)

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Courseware Lite?

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So, I'm starting design for a web site for the OSDDDI class this fall taught by Mitch Kapor, Pam Samuelson and Steven Weber.

What I find myself wanting is a very lightweight form of courseware, preferably in php. There are zillions and zillions of examples of open source courseware and software but they all include way, way, way, way too many features.

I just want something that will allow me to enter a syllabus and other information but provide a modular list of neat features typically out of the scope of HTML. Any suggestions? I suppose I could start to write something from scratch...

Seen in IM today...


Person 1: academia seems more and more lame
Person 2: just no different than elsewhere

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