Praise for Markdown...

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As posted by Aaron to the Markdown list:

At a party the other night, the author of a client-side GUI weblog editor with a WYSIWYG editor came up to me. 'Oh, Markdown,' he said. 'Would you believe it? My users are asking me for Markdown support!' I cheered. 'You cheer, perhaps, but what about me? What could they possibly want Markdown for when they already have WYSIWYG?'

IE and CSS

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Fuck Microsoft and their non-support of CSS in IE.

The height of pizza nerdery...

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I really considered myself somewhat of a pizza nerd... I love trying new things and have spent a number of years working on my dough and collecting some tips.

However, this six-year-long effort to reverse engineer Patsy's pies by Jeff Varasano leaves me speechless. Jeff, by the way, held the US record for solving Rubik's cubes at the age of 14... I'm glad his talents have been focused on delivering the best of the best in pizza pies to the masses.

Wow. I need to take a pizza sabbatical someday and do this to the T... Jeff uses a DLX mixer, his own sourdough starter as well as a slightly complicated dough recipe... the kicker is that he has modded his electrical oven to cook on the CLEAN setting. Yes, boys and girls, he has snapped the safety lock off of his oven with gardening shears so that he can get temperatures upwards of 800° F in a conventional oven which cooks his pies in 2-3 minutes.

Did I say, wow?


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A belated congratulations to Marc and Ryan et al. for the oh-so cool announcement that Yahoo Research Labs Berkeley is live... (via Ryan's blog)

Which evil nation state are you? (similes for Microsoft, Yahoo and Google)

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Danah posts a great analogy for search companies... love it. Here is the gist (taken out of context):

Microsoft is Germany. They did some pretty evil things a while back but you don't remember the details, you just know that you really hate them. Even though they're really no worse than any other large corporpation/country, you can't help but distrust them permanently because, well, you always have.

Yahoo is Japan. It had an economic crisis that almost destroyed it and it plays too nice with all of the other evil empires, supporting the most evil endeavors. It hasn't really innovated for a while, but it tries to improve on known products to support average people. It's currently trying to sell culture in the form of animated cutesy iconic images which you kinda like and kinda despise.

Google is the United States. It has never seen trouble on home turf. It is arrogant and loved by the elite. You know you're supposed to respect them for being better than everyone else, because they think they are, but you actually kinda resent them for being so rich and powerful. Yet, you really appreciate their innovations.

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