Slyck News - Difficult time for EZTV

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Looks like we're seeing some interdiction of BitTorrent networks: "Difficult time for EZTV".

Apparently, the interdictors are trying to sap the bandwidth of seeding sites and downloaders (whose resources are considerably limited). While this is no problem for the large seeding sites, it's a considerable problem for the downloaders.

"But wait", you say, "I thought the bittorrent protocol involved banning nodes that served up bad data." And it does... however, the interdictors are using way too many IP addresses for this to be effective (essentially, they have a new IP address ready for each downloader). Wow... the war continues.

Running again...


a shot of my new running shoes... New Balance 998 So, I've started running regularly again... most of you might not know it, but I used to do olympic-distance (1.5 km swim / 40 km bike / 10 km run) triathlons. I loved them... especially the swimming and the running (biking is cool, it just requires a lot of equipment). I've been running about 12 miles total each week with two 3-mile runs and a 6-mile run... using the Google maps pedometer, I can scope out all sorts of runs that meet these parameters in my neighborhood. I must admit, I forgot how much I love running... just getting out there and just going... and it feels good to be healthy and have Michelle say, "You seem skinnier... there's less there to squeeze." As someone who firmly believes in the value of exercise, I suppose I share something in common with George W. Bush ("The (over)exercise of power")... oh dear.

Oh yeah, those are my new shoes... New Balance 998's. If you need a new pair of shoes, I recommend using Roadrunner Sport's ShoeDog tool.

A new way to read bloglines feeds...

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I'm digging the direction and flavor of a new reader using the Bloglines Web Services API: Chameleon Reader. It doesn't piss me off nearly as much as Bloglines does... but you'll still have to use bloglines for maintenence and I still don't really understand how it works. Anyone else out there want to take a shot at something cool with the Bloglines API?

EFF15: Freedom fighting created my career

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As part of the EFF's 15th anniversary, they are having a blog-a-thon where people describe the "very first step you to took to stand up for your digital rights." It's impossible for me to remember the very first step I took for digital rights... I suppose that's like asking someone to recall their first steps walking; it ain't going to happen.

Instead, I'm going to tell you how fighting for digital rights launched my career.

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Bare Licenses vs. License Agreements on the IP List

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Dave Farber just posted this response of mine to his IP list in a thread discussing the recent, quite ridiculous Dvorak article about Creative Commons in PC Magazine:

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