I'm a blogging slacker...

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Here are a few brief comments that I have been meaning to blog about but just haven't gotten around to... I could write a page on each of these, but won't:

  • Do you check your friends blogs as frequently as your rivals?

  • Have you ever had a "why the hell am I clicking on this link?" moment while web surfing?

  • I recently posted a craigslist posting to get participants in a study I'm doing. Michelle (my girlfriend) suggested putting the craigslist posting in the "gigs" section. I had though that this was just for musicians and such, but it turns out that this is for one-off jobs in general. What's amazing about this is that she taught me something about the internet where a year or two ago she was calling my computer, in general, the "magic screen". (She now has an iMac and an iPod mini)

  • Pat Benatar's "Hell is For Children" is one of the coolest songs of the 80's.

  • Fuck George Lucas and the fact that he took out the "yub yub" song that the ewoks sing in Return of the Jedi in the DVD version of the film. That bastard. I don't give a shit if he didn't like the film or that song, but this is such a large part of my childhood... I'm not sure I'll ever be able to forgive him.

MSN Virtual Earth and Cal...

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Look, MSN Virtual Earth uses a picture taken during a Cal game. Wicked!

a picture taken from MSN Virtual Earth of the Cal stadium full of people

Keep RFIDs out of CA state IDs...

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If you are a resident of the state of California, please take a minute to let your state assemblyman know that you support SB 682, a bill that would prohibit the use of RFIDs in state-issued ID cards (like driver's licenses and UC student IDs!). The bill is facing stiff resistance from pro-RFID lobbyists in the state assembly. You can use the EFF action center or the ACLU action center for this. (via BoingBoing)

Back in space...

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I'm not necessarily the praying type... but I pray for the seven astronauts that just successfully launched into LEO.

Of course, launching isn't the easiest part, but it is not the hardest and it is where much can go wrong. With the previous two shuttle disasters (as I explain in this paper), a draft near the jet-stream layer of our atmosphere caused problems: with Challenger, this draft caused a solid rocket booster to flex, breach and send white hot propellant into the red liquid fuel tank; with Columbia, this draft caused a loose piece of foam to hit the leading wing edge and punch a whole into it.

So, I'll be very interested in two things in the coming days:

  • Did the shuttle encounter any peculiar drafts during launch? Some of this can be ascertained from how the exhaust trail breaks up. If it did, the inspection could be very important.

  • How useful will the digital imaging inspection tools be? The astronauts will deploy a few different means of inspecting the integrity of the shuttle's outer skin. We'd like to see what they find and how well the tools they use work.

A strange circle of connection...

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So frequently, I see connections I make come full circle in weird ways... here's a story of finding a picture of a cute kitty for my business card and the social network connections along the way.

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