Stewart on Cheney...

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John Stewart on the Daily Show in reference to someone who said, "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney." during a live press interaction with the vice president in Louisianna yesterday:

It appears the go-fuck-yourselfer, has become the go-fuck-yourselfee.

My Orphan Work Comment in the SF Guardian

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ACCURATE web site launch

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We've launched the web site for ACCURATE.

Microphones can record keystrokes

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Microphones placed near keyboards can record keystrokes ("Keyboard Acoustic Emanations Revisited"). Doug and colleagues have a new paper that talks about how their new algorithm package can record keystrokes... without knowing anything about the person, keyboard or their typing style... and the microphone doesn't seem to need to be in the same room.

(I can't seem to leave comments on blogger blogs anymore due to their new CAPTCHA system... so the below would have ideally been a comment. Full disclosure: I haven't read the paper yet, but I will.)

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How to do a hard reset on the Jabra BT250v


I just got a new bluetooth headset... the Jabra BT250v. It's a great headset (although it appears to be a bit hard for people to hear me in windy environments).

However, perhaps one of it's most useful features stopped working almost immediately after I paired it with my T610. Jabra's support was responsive with this fix (that I don't see anywhere else): A hard reset.

Read on to see how to do a hard reset on this headset...

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