Need to get a paper accepted... cite the reviewers!

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A new, simple study shows that (for one journal) your chances of getting published increase if you cite those reviewing your paper. More below the fold:

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Creating release notes from CVS logs...

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cvs2cl is a great perl script that will take CVS log entries and produce a well-organized change log or set of release notes. (It's currently in need of a maintainer if anyone out there can handle that.)

EML moves in the direction of an ISO standard...

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The Election Markup Language (EML) has just begun the process of becoming and official OASIS standard.

The public comment period started yesterday and goes until 14 Nov 2005. This is the first step towards making EML an ISO standard. In the longer-term, a few of us are thinking about ways of including EML-specific hooks in the EAC's VVSG or similar state-level rules to facilitate increased interoperability of voting systems, vote data and voter registration databases.

The full announcment is below the fold:

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Hacking to make a point...

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Yuri, to make a particularly important policy point, whipped up a small script that harvests 23,864 UC Berkeley email addresses from Read his post... he also does some interesting statistical stuff with the list of addresses he got back.

Hmmm, while writing this... I noticed my blog software doesn't like the words "python" and "script" right next to each other. That's strange, no?

at NIST workshop...

elections, hacks, secrecy, problems, policy

I'll be at the NIST workshop on "Developing an Analysis of Threats to Voting Systems" in Maryland on 7 October 2005. I'll see you there...

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