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Birthday present to Dad...

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Here's my brother and my birthday present to our dad... it's Black Maple Hill cask #7 21-year-old Kentucky Bourbon:

picture of black maple hill 21 year old

Pics of Rita Remanents in West Texas

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UPDATE [2005-09-27 06:54:49]: It appears these photos were not authentic. In fact, a reader contacted me and said, "If you run a simple web search for any of the file names in your site, you'd find that the photos are actually photos of Cyclone Ingrid which hit Northwestern Australia back in March."

I wasn't easily able to associate any images specifically with Cyclone Ingrid, but it is apparent that these are claimed to be from many storms at once in Google results for the file names.

My former Clink! Magazine editor, Mike Smith, lives in Houston but still has some roots in West Texas. He forwarded some pictures of the remanents of hurricane Rita as they moved through Odessa in West Texas. Amazing. Lots of cloud formations, spouts and funnels.

(I've included two amazing pictures above the fold... the rest, just as amazing, are below):

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