Jimmy Wales' talk at SIMS

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Link: http://groups.ischool.berkeley.edu/podcast/audio/wales_sims_03-Nov-2005.mp3

Image of Jimmy Wales at the podium speaking at SIMS Danah was able to get Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales -- founder of Wikipedia -- for a talk at SIMS amid his very hectic schedule. The room was packed and I know even more who couldn't attend. Lucky for them, I recorded the talk (also lucky for them, Jimmy didn't walk around much!). Here's an mp3 of his talk... I've tried to clean it up a bit for maximal listenability. (The file linked to below is 36MB in size and it's 1:17:33 in length at 64kbps.)


He said a lot of great things... my favorite:

I think, partly because of the personality types who become programmers... I don't know what it is exactly... a lot of programmers, seem to me to think that the whole point of social software is to replace the social with the software. Which is not really what you want to do, right? Social Software should exist to empower us to be human... to interact... in all the normal ways that humans do.

4-part collage image of Jimmy Wales speaking at SIMS

Changing text encoding in emacs...


This is an oldie but a goodie... to change the way text is encoded with emacs, type:

C-x RET f unix RET

which will change a file from whatever encoding it's in (DOS or MAC, for example) to unix. Then save it (C-x C-s).

Avi's new book...

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ACCURATE director Avi Rubin's new book, Brave New Ballot: The Battle to Safeguard Democracy in the Age of Electronic Voting, is available for pre-order at Amazon.com.

Shows page back up...

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So, I've revitalized my Shows page which lists concerts and other musical engagements that I'm likely to be found at. It now has a feed. Technical details about the schema, xml and such below the fold.

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Danzig O' Lantern

a jack o lantern cut out in the shape of the danzig skull

Yes. I have carved a pumpkin in the form of the Danzig skull.

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