FireFox 1.5, good


I installed FireFox 1.5 this morning and have been using it all day. It's a pretty sweet user experience.

It seems much more stable than the 1.0.x line and positively smokes when it comes to speed. To upgrade, I followed the instructions I've developed here: "How to upgrade FireFox on the Mac, 100% Clean". I did use one modification to those instructions to get older extensions to run: "Make old extensions work with new FireFox". GMail seems especially faster.

Let me know if those instructions don't work for you (they are written in a mac-like way, but should be more generally applicable to PCs; I think).

Recent Shows...


Michelle and I have been lucky enough to see a number of recent shows that have been very good. This past Wednesday, we got to see GoGoGo Airheart play BoTH. It was a great show with GoGoGo's uniquely Californian and slightly nerdy-disco sound keeping us warm on these slightly chilly SF winter nights. It's amazing what a four guys can do if they're particularly good musicians.

On Thursday, we saw Rasputina at GAMH. Rasputina is two cellists and a drummer; cello rock, essentially. They were very good and even played a wickedly gorgeous cover of Heart's "Barracuda". A friend of ours from Chicago, Ken, loves Rasputina and even follows them to the extent he can... I can sort of see why as they're very good and particularly charismatic.

Finally, a generous benefactor gave us two tickets to see Michael Tilson Thomas conducting Alexander Barantschik on violin and Michael Grebanier on cello tonight at the San Francisco Symphony. They'll be playing a bit of Liszt, Peter Lieberson and Brahms.

Make old extensions work with new FireFox

hacks, open source, education

Here's some simple instructions to get most FireFox 1.0 extensions to work in 1.5 (although some truly need upgrades). I got this from the following blog post: "Make Old Extensions Work in Firefox 1.5":

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Getting perl's DBD::mysql module to install on Mac OS X

hacks, education

If you want perl programs to interface with a MySQL database, you will probably want to use the DBD::mysql module. On Mac OS X, there's a few extra things you have to do to get this module to compile correctly. Here's the skinny...

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Classic Pumpkin Pie

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picture of classic pumpkin pie

Here is a recipe for classic pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is not hard to make. (...which means you can take the time to make fresh pie crust! Note: However, there's nothing wrong with store bought pie dough.)

Recipe below the fold...

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