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  1. § Ping Email said on :
    Some of Clinton's recent attacks on Obama are really turning me off of her ? the accusation that he "really liked the ideas of the Republicans" is a fairly obvious distortion, for example. There's a pretty good rundown of this here.

    But Obama had me from the beginning with his enthusiasm for Internet-enabled government transparency. He definitely appears to have thought about that more than Clinton has (though I am also heartened that she shows support for the general concept).
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    Well, the recent attacks are an embarrassment to us all... because none of us care about that crap.

    After seeing snippets of the NewsHour coverage of the most recent debate, I'm still slightly leaning towards Clinton. Obama seems like a child at times, even at Clinton's worst moments. I just don't feel what others do about his promise (although the negativity many hold towards Clinton, especially moderates, really is a big factor in my mind).
  3. § Ping Email said on :
    Hmm... what makes you think Clinton is the more honest of the two?
  4. § joe® Email said on :
    I don't know if I'd classify anyone I've seen running for president as "honest". I do feel that Clinton seems to have a greater grasp of the issues herself, while Obama is trying his damnedest to overcome the "experience" criticism.

    I realized the other day that, since their platforms are so damn similar, we're really voting on the person as well as any political considerations involved with their personhood. Sounds like I should read their books and books about them if I really want to make an informed decision.

    I'm really interested in why so many of my tech-aware friends are so into Obama.
  5. § Tim Lee Email said on :
    I think the war is far and away the most important issue in the election. Obama got it right and Clinton got it wrong. That by itself makes me lean strongly toward Obama.

    More generally, I think Clinton has a dangerously expansionist view of executive power. Besides the war, the next most disastrous thing about the Bush administration has been its relentless push for the idea that the president is basically above the law. I think it's very important that the United States elect someone who will repudiate that legacy. Unfortunately, I don't think Hillary fits the bill. Bill Clinton wasn't as aggressive about this as Bush has been, but his sympathies lay in the same direction, and every sign suggests that Hillary would be the same way. Obama at least says a lot of the right things on the subject. It remains to be seen whether power will corrupt him as it did all of his recent predecessors, but at least he starts off with reasonable attitudes.

  6. § Richard Hall Email said on :
    Hillary Clinton is probably the most polarizing figure in American politics. While the idea that Obama can overcome all partisan politics is too idealistic, I believe he would be able to generate bipartisan compromise on more issues than Clinton.

    Also, if McCain is the Republican candidate (60% probability as of today according to the political future markets), his ability to draw independents means the dems really need to worry about electibility in November. Obama can be competitive in states that Hillary cannot, due to the visceral hatred of Hillary that is common in red America.
  7. § Richard Hall Email said on :
    By the way, how do you like Edwards more than Obama? That populist anti-corporate bullshit? Jesus, please tell me that you are adopted.
  8. § joe® Email said on :
    Yeah, after some research I take back any love for Edwards... he's kind of an asshole.
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