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  1. § Notta Spammer said on :
    I've always thought the solution was to be found elsewhere. I reasoned thus: both men and women approach home toilets and find lids in both up and down states from time to time. Since both sexes sit (some more than others) both sexes, facing the same peril, have to do a lid up/down check before sitting or they will occasionally find themselves unpleasantly wet. The rule is: never sit where one hasn't first looked. This is a good rule for both sexes and a good rule even outside of bathrooms. A corollary of this rule then is that men have no special obligation to leave the lid in a particular position, because everyone looks before they sit.

    If this smacks of male favoritism I have always proposed an alternative argument: The proper placement of a (not currently occupied) lid is down and covered. No one wants to see or smell toilet water, and some house pets and toddlers are prone to be dangerously attracted to an uncovered lid. Therefore it is the obligation of both men and women to put down both the lid and its cover before leaving the bathroom.

    (Note that people who insist on the freedom to sit without having to look will face equal difficulty with this alternative rule because they will often find themselves pressed all-too-close to a fuzzy lid cover. I take this as further confirmation of the wisdom of the first rule and a reductio of the no-lookers view.)
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    Oh Man, that's wonderful... the image a suprised no-looker sitting on a fuzzy toliet cover is hilarious. This theory of "always leaving the top lid down to incentivize looking where you sit" could be extended by covering the top lid with some truley perlious material... like nails, punk rock spikes, etc. Actually, that's a silly idea...
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