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  1. § joe® Email said on :
    This is posted on behalf of Ross... spam filter doesn't like Black Metal, apparently

    Well, IIRC, the whole Norwegian black metal movement was in many ways a reaction to/against death metal as a genre - death metal was seen as "trendy," and black metal artists viewed themselves as much more outsiders and committed to their scene as a lifestyle. For example, see Euronymous' (Mayhem) letter on Dead's suicide: "Well, the reason for [killing himself] was that he lived only for the EVIL black metal scene, and its lifestyle with rivets, chains, crosses black clothes and hell. Today all "death" metal bands have normal clothing and jogging pants and look as ordinary as they can, and the same goes for the audience who are nothing but trendy little kids with jogging pants and skateboards!" (see: "Euronymous' Epistles (pt 6)") This is why terms like "true" and "cult" (or, as they're often spelled, tr00 and kvlt) come up a lot in discussions of certain types of black metal - there's a definitely very conservative and judgmental aspect to the genre, although it's now a pretty marginal scene as black metal has branched out in a wide range of interesting directions.

    In some ways, it's kind of like black metal was the punk to death metal's arena rock - the death metal bands were seen as overly wank-y and cool (and often American), and black metal was for more hard-core sorts of people (not, y'know, poseurs). All despite, of course, the fact that black metal really grew out of death metal in a direct way. And I think this rhetoric was really only used in the early '90s when black metal really was a pretty new, fiercely local, and seriously fucked-up scene in Norway, as a way of defining themselves and explaining to themselves why they were so much bigger bad-asses than the "mainstream" extreme metal of the time. So it is a little odd to see Thurston recycle that logic now. Certainly, death metal as a genre is a bit more focused on technical proficiency and complexity whereas black metal tends towards being more simplistic/atmospheric, but both genres have diversified quite a bit since those days.

    So, I dunno, not particularly insightful, but I read this as a bit of a dated effort to show his allegiance to the more underground/punk variant. And yes, it is unfortunately that it's a bit overstated and in dismissive tones rather than as just a personal preference. I mean, I personally listen to a lot more black metal than I do death metal for somewhat similar reasons, largely because the generally simpler and more ambient/drone-y stuff is just more of what I like than the more aggressive death metal side of things. Which is also why I prefer more doom-y death metal, and don't love the more over-the-top black metal - but that's just a question of personal preference, no need to make it a judgment on death metal.

    Of course, from a purely aesthetic/human interest perspective, there certainly is a lot more interesting stuff going on in the black metal scene. Those guys were fucking *insane* (see "Black Metal Inner Circle" on wikipedia for an overview).
  2. § Willem Reeders Email said on :
    Who the fuck cares!
  3. § JR Email said on :
    That's interesting. I see what YOU'RE saying?that any form of expression is valuable?but I also understand what HE'S saying. It's a dispute I've had with my husband and my dad: virtuosity vs. emotion. A lot of the time, those really technically virtuous noodly types can let being "good" or even "brilliant" get in the way of soul.
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