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  1. § bruce said on :
    When I looked at the bill, it was sent to Ahnold on 9/3. So is it 30 calendar days or some other 30 days?
    And I'm glad I came across your site; great example to follow.
  2. § joe said on :
    I'm not sure what 30 days you are talking about... I know Arnold has to sign or veto more than 1,000 bills in the coming week.
  3. § woody thompson said on :
    Why do the Sedgwick Coounty Kansas losing dem leg candidates in 2002 and 2004 have total votes that are within 100 votes of each other (2002 out of 7) and in 2004 initially 3 of lossers are in the also similar in totals pf 3100 to 3200. Two of the dem sen lossers in Sedgwick were almost identical in totals? Strange? Are their trojon horses or back doors in there somewhere? wthompson7@cox.net
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