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  1. § jeff said on :
    Leave it to a lawyer to give a point-by-point critique of an editorial. Though her analysis was logical, I actually disagree with her conclusion that the issue is bullshit. I have a different issue with the same issue (hah!) because Kerry/Edwards talk about Mary Cheney as if she's the only person who's gay on the entire face of the earth. Politicians (like Bush and Kerry) always bring up the sad stories of "a woman I met during the campaign, Sally, from Cleveland, Ohio, who lost her job. etc etc etc." But when it comes to gay rights, Mary Cheney seems to be all I heard during the debates.

    The politics aside, if we were to treat this issue the same as any other, I think that people might see things differently. I am actually just disappointed, because I thought Kerry and Edwards were above this.
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    I hear ya... I thought at best, it was plain redundant... at worst, a broken political record.
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