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  1. § Nancy Hammes said on :
    So glad to find the poem Cherry wrote. We were lifetime friends going all the way back to Brownie Scouts in the second grade. We were college roommates and both married Arizona boys. I got to visit with her by phone a couple of times in the weeks before she passed away. I have many fond memories of her and most of them make me laugh! I knew about the transplant, of course, but I had not seen the poem. Thanks for sharing on your blog.
  2. § Nancy Hammes said on :
    Hi: My name is Nancy Hammes, too. I was just wondering about you. I put our name into Google & your name has popped up. I do genealogy & I am wondering where you are & about your name. Would love to hear from you if you have time. I live in Illinois. Many Hammeses in Indiana (where my husband is from).
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