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Feb. 5, 2008 Presidential Primary at Precinct 225400

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On Tuesday I was a poll inspector at Alameda County precinct 225400. Since I am moving after I get my degree, this will likely be the last time I'll able to serve. This was the second time that I've served as the poll inspector this precinct in Oakland… more »

Pollworkers should be celebrated as gods...

'nuff said. more »

Go Vote!

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Go vote, you won't regret it. And consider being a pollworker in the future. *Way* better than jury duty... and people occasionally feed you cookies. more »

What's more difficult than being a pollworker? Being a sick pollworker.

Tomorrow I'll be a pollworker in California again. I was a pollworker in Nov. 2006 and was surprised at how difficult the task is ([*"The General Election at Precinct 225400"*](http://www.josephhall.org/nqb2/index.php/2006/11/08/alanov2006)). It's… more »
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