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Go Vote!

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Go vote, you won't regret it. And consider being a pollworker in the future. *Way* better than jury duty... and people occasionally feed you cookies. more »

A Gift of Photos

photos, family
For this past Christmas, one of the coolest gifts I got was from my father. It was a CDROM of a couple hundred old photos from our past, digitized at high-resolution from old negatives and slides. Here are some highlights from the 165 or so I uplo… more »

Success with the Wetshave

Yes, this is another shaving post. Deal with it. Success. Today I had my first completely successful wetshave. It's a remarkable thing, really. To know that you don't have to buy Gillette or any other company's crappy products... to know that you… more »

South Hall Palm Tree Has Fallen

SIMS, berkeley, education, iSchool
Around midnight Jan. 9 2008, the large palm tree on the southwest side of South Hall fell down. From the look of it, a steam pipe underneath the root system essentially cooked the palm's root system. I took some pictures of the magnificent shrub, cli… more »

Wetshaving is a good thing...

hacks, photos, research
Well, it's probably no doubt a lingering influence from the very wonderful Mr. Burton's [*Sweeney Todd*], but I recently decided to get a bit more serious about shaving. After a bit of research, it turns out that you can get a better shave by just… more »
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