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There must be a god...


Cool Runnings

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What do you do when you get tired of your old running routes and want a new one? Maybe even a bit longer? Well, you can combine two old ones into a new one! It's like recycling. The run above combines my Oakland Ave. -> Piedmont run and my Lak… more »

Statistical Solutions to Elections Mysteries

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[Chance], a popular Scientific American-like journal for statistics, has published a cover piece by [Arlene Ash] (BU) and [John Lamperti] (Dartmouth), ?Florida 2006: Can Statistics Tell Us Who Won Congressional District-13?? The piece explor… more »

Diaemus youngi, yo

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Mammalathon starts tomorrow!

Jennifer Atkins starts her [2nd 24-hour Mammalathon][1] tomorrow, where she illustrates one mammal per hour for 24 hours. Jennifer is a gifted illustrator and all the money goes to a worthy cause. Donate $35 or $50 bucks and get your own mammal (for t… more »
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